Yorkshire village shop and delicatessen owner urges customers to support independent businesses during ‘difficult times’

Louise Smith has been running The Jug and Bottle in a former schoolhouse in Bubwith, near Selby, since 2002.

Originally a stockist of gins, wines, ciders, cakes, chocolates, baskets and luxury items, it began in 2020 to also sell household items, bread, milk and fruit and vegetables.

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However, she pointed out to her followers that markups on products like bleach are minimal when wages and credit card fees are factored in.

Louise Smith celebrates the 10th anniversary of The Jug and Bottle in 2012

She urged customers to buy essential items locally rather than spending their money in supermarkets.

In an email, she said: “We’re all feeling incredibly discouraged right now. But the heartwarming thing is that it’s not just us. It’s quiet everywhere.

“I totally get that the media loves a good misery story and the more they tell you it’s rubbish the more you believe them, but remember to buy local, buy with us, d to buy with other local and independent stores and producers. We are so grateful to you, dear customers, who come and spend when you can.

“If you can make a change a week for something we sell rather than giving that money to the supermarket, that really, really makes a huge difference to us here and therefore to the people we buy from.

“We carry a lot of basic grocery items. The fresh produce room is restocked daily. We also carry milk and other dairy products.

“Yes we have high end luxury but at the onset of Covid I took this business in another direction to help support the local community.

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Skyrocketing energy bills, rising food prices and housing challenges…

“On a 70p bottle of Happy Shopper bleach, our gross profit is 26p. Once the card machine has been used to pay for it, that reduces to 8p. I have to sell an awful lot of bleach to cover one hour’s salary (on top of the Living Salary as we work hard to provide polite, friendly and knowledgeable service here), plus electricity, insurance, credit card company, accountant, licenses, waste disposal, necessary training, etc.

“Please use and abuse us as often as you can. We love seeing you here and sharing our little dream. Please take a minute to think about how many small businesses you use.

“Think about how you personally make a difference to these businesses. Local employees run by a family, local facilities to make it a better place to live, local suppliers.

“The big ones are here too, but we little ones need your support more than ever to survive. It hasn’t been a good start this year, but I’ve been building this business for 20 years and the blessing of ‘large clientele. Talking to others, locally, they are also going through hard times and suspect a few victims before Christmas

“We are always grateful to those who shop with us when they can. You make us smile and for that we are truly grateful.”

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