Whittakers launches new Māori Creamy Milk label in Te Reo for Māori Language Week

The popular chocolate brand is slammed for being ‘too woke’ after launching new packaging to celebrate Indigenous culture – but chocolate addicts have vowed to buy more blocks to ‘stick it to the haters’

  • Whittakers launched a new label on Tuesday in honor of Maori Language Week
  • The creamed milk label is entirely written in te reo, the official Maori language
  • Critics claimed the label was too ‘woke’ while supporters vowed to stock it

A New Zealand chocolate company has come under fire for its new ‘woke’ packaging designed to honor Maori Mother Tongue Week.

Whittakers released its new packaging on Tuesday with a label that translates Creamy Milk to Miraka Kirimi – the equivalent term in Te Reo Māori, the official Maori language.

The new packaging received massive backlash after right-wing commentator Cam Slater tweeted a photo of the chocolate bar alongside the caption: “Go wake up, go ruin yourself…see the Whittakers”.

New Zealand chocolate company Whittakers has released a new label (above) for its popular block of creamy milk chocolate written entirely in Te Reo for Maori Language Week

Some critics accused the chocolate company of going too far to appease “woke” customers, while others likened it to “forced compulsory injections”.

“Shame on you Whittaker, we definitely won’t be buying your chocolates again,” one wrote.

However, the dissenting tweets were followed by a frenzy of supportive Whittakers fans vowing to ‘stockpile’ the chocolate’s limited packaging to ‘stick it to haters’.

Fans of the new Te Reo package said they

Fans of the new Te Reo package said they would ‘stock’ the label and slammed critics who claimed the label was too ‘woke’

“Big shout out to Te Taura Whiri for continuing your mahi (work) to normalize our reo, the latest being Whittaker’s Miraka Kirīmi,” one person wrote.

“Thank you both for sticking your necks out while the racists slam you from all sides with hateful and disgusting comments.”

“I hardly ever buy chocolate, it’s a luxury my wallet and waistline can live without, but I bought four large blocks of Whittakers this afternoon.” Tonight we party,” said another.

“What Whittakers did was make chocolate inaccessible to racists. I agree – they don’t deserve chocolate,’ another joked.

Right-wing Kiwi commentator Cam Slater kicked off the debate with a photo of a block of creamy milk with the new label captioned:

Right-wing Kiwi commentator Cam Slater kicked off the debate with a photo of a creamy block of milk with the new label captioned: “Go wake up, go ruin yourself… see you soon Whittakers”.

Maori Language Commission, or Te Taura Whiri, Professor Rawinia Higgins further defended the chocolate company’s decision.

“For those who have complained that this is a step too far for our country, the reality is that the rest of New Zealand has already taken this step,” she said. Things.

“We know that eight out of ten of us consider Te Reo to be part of our Kiwi identity, while one in three of us can speak more than a few words of Maori.

“Young New Zealanders are helping to drive change. They are not threatened when they see or hear Te Reo; they see Te Reo as absolutely normal.


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