Where to buy Maltesers Mint Reindeer & Maltesers Orange Truffles in UK


Yes, I know it’s early, but the impatient Beavers and Chrimbo Stans are already stocking up for the Christmas holiday season. (Yes, really!) And while I agree it’s a bit early, there is something to be said for the variety of selection boxes of chocolates and novelty chocolates. Example: Maltesers Mint Reindeer and Maltesers Orange Truffes that Mars launches before the end of the year holidays.

Molded the popular Maltesers balls in very Pretty in reindeer shapes, Morish Bites are available in mint and the original Malteser flavors. And come individually wrapped to fit the merry Christmas theme, and you can also buy the popular chocolate reindeer in mini treat bags that are perfect for sharing (or keeping to yourself).

Of course, one treat is never enough at Christmas, which is why Mars is also launching its luxurious and ‘velvety’ collection of truffles. Chocolate lovers can choose from white, orange and milk chocolate truffles, presented in small boxes, priced at £ 5 each. Now you have to be quick with these festive whims because the truffled orange flavor is exclusive to Tesco.

As a great gift idea, also exclusive to Tesco, the popular Malteser and Galaxy advent calendars filled with white chocolate and milk truffles. If your sweet tooth is still not satisfied, the good old Celebration boxes are always close at hand with the classics.

Mars UK says it is “delighted” to launch the range after the hardships of last year and “expects chocolate and confectionery to continue to play a key role in these unclear moments through gifting, sharing and sharing. treatment between relatives “.

If you can’t wait until December, Malteser Reindeer Treats are available for purchase from September at all major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and more.

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