Where to Buy Boston’s Best Chocolates, Truffle Candy

The Boston area is home to a few talented chocolatiers who have a knack for creating sweets, truffles and other treats that are as beautiful as they are delicious, making gift giving a snap for any occasion.

Here are some of the great chocolatiers and chocolate shops in Greater Boston to visit for the holidays or any day. Some have their own storefronts; others you’ll need to grab during a pop-up or make a special order. Either way, it’s worth it.

1 Bow Market Way, bow marketUnion Square, Somerville
Online shop (delivery and local pickup available)

Valentine’s Day 2022 sweets from the Gâté Comme Des Filles.
Carlie Febo

Founder Alexandra Whisnant is a Cambridge native whose culinary journey has taken her to Le Cordon Bleu pastry school in Paris, an internship with the French macaroon superstar The duration, and stays at Recchiutti Confections and Chez Panisse in California. For her own chocolate company, she makes small batches of flawless candies — particularly ganaches and pralines — with seasonal and often local ingredients, from raspberries to honey to picked rose petals. Its Somerville storefront also serves a selection of desserts, including an ultra-rich mousse and the best brownies in town. She is also co-owner of a mobile-free wine and dessert bar in Cambridge which debuted in 2021, Zuzu’s Petals.

Petrova Chocolates

Online shop (delivery and pickup available in a variety of local pop-ups)
Chocolate subscription

A box of eight fancy and shiny chocolates, two each of four different flavors

Petrova Chocolates.
Rachel Leah Blumenthal / Eater

At the start of the pandemic, Betty Petrova, who worked at Uni, started making eye-catching candies and other chocolate treats, selling small batches of intriguing flavors via Instagram for local pickup and delivery. (Think Thai Basil Limeade, Mandarin Cookie, Kentucky Bourbon Toffee, and more.) Since then, the business has grown tremendously, and chocolate lovers can always find something available in the Petrova’s online store, which offers delivery as well as local pickup on occasion. area pop-up. In addition to sweets, there are often truffles, bars, etc.


24 Gary Rd., Needham (by appointment only)
Online shop (delivery and local pickup available)

Another pandemic-born company, Needham-based ChocAllure, is the brainchild of Liron Pergament-Gal, who quit his job as a cybersecurity manager to open his chocolate factory. (She trained at the École Lenôtre in Paris and the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Chicago.) Her artsy, modern candies and bars come in flavors like hot chocolate and marshmallow; lemon meringue pie; mango, passion fruit and hazelnut; and black forest.

145 Huron Ave, Cambridge
Online shop (delivery and local pickup available)
Chocolate subscription (currently sold out but expected to return fall 2022)

Considered one of the top chocolatiers in the area for the past decade, EHChocolatier was founded by Elaine Hsieh and Catharine Sweeney in 2010 and was once hidden away in a factory in Somerville. Since 2019, however, EHChocolatier has boosted its visibility with an easier-to-find storefront in Cambridge, where the duo produce countless candies, bars, toffees, truffles and more. Whatever the holiday, there are sure to be special treats available; chocolate is serious business, but on the design side, EHChocolatier has a lot of fun with it. (Personalised corporate, wedding, and event gifts are also available.) Vegans, take note: EHChocolatier offers quite a variety of dairy-free options.

Circus of the soufflé

Online shop (delivery and local pickup available)

Somerville chocolatier and pastry chef T Lawrence-Simon, who took part in the first season of Big Chocolate Showdown — also works as an aerial circus performer, hence his trade name. As such, expect plenty of bright and whimsical color in its gorgeous desserts, which include custom cakes and cupcakes, afternoon tea packages, chocolate confections, and more. (Candies and other chocolate confections are usually only available during the colder months, but keep an eye out for Cirque du Soufflé Instagram account for updates, or contact Laurent-Simon for more information on personalized treats.)

Sweet and sour violet

Online shop (delivery and local pickup available [in Boston’s South End])

With a background in advertising, design and art, chocolatier Lisa Costanzo first waded into the world of chocolates through local workshops, creating treats for friends and family and crafting custom confections for her brother’s restaurant. . Later, she continued her training in chocolate through various means, including the professional chocolatier program at École Chocolat. Costanzo focuses on organic and local ingredients when possible. Watch for holiday collections and monthly candy boxes in a variety of flavors. the Box May 2022, for example, includes Lemon Violet and Elderflower Meringue; dark chocolate ganache with hibiscus and vanilla bean; lavender honey caramel; and caramel with orange blossom and coconut.

Sweets by Carly

Online shop (local pickup available [in Chestnut Hill and Longwood Medical Area])

Two small turquoise square boxes open to reveal four chocolate candies each, one box featuring pink anatomical hearts, the other featuring white skulls.

Selections from the Confections by Carly Halloween 2020 collection, including anatomical ruby ​​chocolate hearts.
Rachel Leah Blumenthal / Eater

This local chocolatier is another without a window; she creates her treats in a licensed kitchen in Chestnut Hill. Confections by Carly offers online ordering and various local pickup options for eye-catching candy, chocolate lollipops, popping snack bars, and more. Watch for fun shapes like anatomical hearts (good for Halloween and Valentine’s Day).

More local chocolate shops to explore

Oldies but goodies

Established in 1987, LA Burdick is a small chain of chocolate shops, two of which are located in Greater Boston. Hot chocolate is a must, and Burdick’s dainty little chocolate mice and penguins are always delicious gifts. Most Bostonians also know that Beacon Hill Chocolates is a reliable destination for finding interesting treats from around the world, from watered down truffles to uniquely flavored bars. And south of town, Hilliards Chocolates maintained the fort for nearly a century. These days find locations in North Easton, Norwell and Mansfield offering a huge range of chocolate barks, turtles, fudge, mints and more.

Nuts and chocolates galore

In Watertown, Fastachi has been offering a wide variety of roasted nuts, dried fruits, nut butters, chocolates and more for years. For a similar mix of options in Jamaica Plain or Newton Highlands, try Cocoa, an ode to founder Leo Baez’s childhood in the Dominican Republic, picking snacks from cashew trees on the way home from school. (Cocoa is also a local favorite for hot chocolate.)

So Somerville

In addition to the Somerville chocolatiers highlighted above, the town is the birthplace of Taza Chocolate, which is practically a household name these days, which has been around for over 15 years and distributes its stone-ground chocolate discs and d ‘other products, made from cocoa market, nationwide. There is also Somerville chocolatea decade-old bean-to-bar chocolate CSA that focuses on small batches of bars, featuring mostly dark chocolate.

And a couple highlights further north

Salem-based Harbor Sweets has been on the scene for nearly five decades, introducing nautical-themed chocolates like its first and best-known creation, Sweet Sloops – a chocolate-covered sailboat-shaped almond butter crunch. white and dipped in dark chocolate and crushed pecans. Meanwhile at Amesbury, a much newer venture, M Cocoais making a name for itself with creative versions of bars, caramels, etc. a particular interest in very spicy.

a bit naughty

(Disclaimer: The photos of all links in this section may be considered unsafe for work.) Sweet-N-Nasty sadly closed their Back Bay boutique, which was stocked with an impressive array of cupcakes, chocolates, bachelor/bachelorette party decorations, and more. But the Erotic Bakery continues to thrive as an online business whenever you need chocolates in the form of “fat booties”, “busty girls”, handcuffs and, well, “Mr. Average. .” To follow on Facebook to take a look at the custom cakes people are ordering too.

52 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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