The youngest cooks, now due until 2022, are Andi Ashe, 6, left, and Addison Ashe, 9.

Well, it happened again. For the second year in a row, the cake auction, a major element of Guinean Heritage Day, could not take place. Cake lovers suffer from the culinary loss syndrome while the Guinean Heritage Museum, which would have been the monetary benefactor, finds its cases less full.

In 2020, it was well known in advance that the cake auction would not take place. But this year the auction almost took place. The ladies had gathered to finalize the event. Thirty cakes were on the program and pretty much ready to be measured and baked and then: those dreaded Covid-19 words, unknown to our vocabulary until a few years ago, have struck again.

So, we can’t bid for another year and we won’t have any sweet culinary treats, either sliced ​​or whole cake, so let’s remember the past and look forward to future cakes.

Cake sales became part of Guinean Heritage Day in 2013. The …

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