Valrhona launches the first single-origin Grand Cru milk chocolate certified vegan from Madagascar



Valrhona, partner of pastry professionals since 1922 and a pioneer in the world of chocolate, explains that the result is the fruit of passionate teamwork between sourcing teams, cocoa producers, innovation experts. and sensory and pastry chefs from L’École Valrhona.

AMATIKA 46% gives artisans the opportunity to see vegan pastry as a new source of inspiration, a way to stand out and serve a wider clientele.

If the vegan movement maintains the current rate of growth over the next decade, at least one in 10 people will have adopted plant-based diets. But it still represents a real challenge for pastry chefs, who must rethink their traditional techniques and review their proven methods.

To support them on their journey, the chefs of L’École Valrhona have created a collection of recipes using AMATIKA 46%, as well as resource guides and courses to teach chefs the ingredients and techniques they need to create exceptional dairy-free, gluten-free. free and vegan desserts.

A single-origin vegan Grand Cru from Madagascar distinguishes AMATIKA from other milk chocolates, with its melting texture revealing notes of cocoa, toasted almonds and a hint of acidity.for a sensual journey in the shade of a Madagascan garden“.

The balance between cocoa, fat and sugar provides the perfect texture for all classic baking techniques with a vegan twist. It is particularly suitable for providing a deliciously creamy addition to ganache and mousse.


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