Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates hit by supply chain shortage | Lehigh Valley Regional News

TWP UPPER MACUNGIE, PA | If you’re looking to buy a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, you’re always in luck. You may just need to run a little faster to the store.

February 14, 2022 now marks the second Valentine’s Day of the pandemic. Supply chain issues over the past two years have taken their toll on local businesses.

“As of Christmas 2020, there was nothing red available, which is a terrible thing at Christmas and when it comes to flowers,” the shop’s flower expert noted.

“There is a huge shortage of chocolate right now, normally we have 13 to 14 milk chocolates to choose from, now we only have one to two,” said Shoppes of Premise owner Joe Damiano. Maid.

This year, chocolate and flower shortages are still at the forefront, but businesses are coping, adapting to the constraints.

“You make sure you have quality standards and you make sure you have the products to offer to customers,” Damiano noted.

“Our supplies have been excellent and have provided us with lots of flowers and although they may be more expensive, but we are doing a good job,” the florist said.

It’s a unique year for Valentine’s Day, as lovers celebrated from Friday to Monday, mixed with Super Bowl Sunday.

“We were very surprised this year to see how many orders came in early,” noted the florist. “Normally it’s a last minute thing and someone will go oh my god it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and we got them two or three weeks early.”

But for those hoping to shop until the last minute, you’re in good hands.

“As rush hour increases, so will candy sales,” Damiano said.

Once Valentine’s Day is over, the next achievement will be Easter.

The Shoppes of Premise Maid says it’s good that Easter is a little later this year, to give them a few extra weeks to get more chocolate.

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