Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi AS (OTCMKTS:UELKY) Brief Interest Update

Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi AS (OTCMKTS:UELKY – Get Rating) was the target of a significant drop in short interest in May. As of May 31, there was short interest totaling 100 shares, down 75.0% from the May 15 total of 400 shares. Based on an average daily volume of 4,700 shares, the short-term interest rate ratio is currently 0.0 day.

OTCMKTS UELKY opened at $9.05 on Friday. The stock’s fifty-day moving average price is $10.87 and its 200-day moving average price is $12.25. Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi AS has a 1-year minimum of $9.05 and a 1-year maximum of $26.20.

Separately, JPMorgan Chase & Co. cut its price target on Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi AS from 25.70 to 25.20 and set a “neutral” rating on the stock in a Friday, May 27 research report.

About Ulker Bisküvi Sanayi AS (Get a rating)

Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi AS, together with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the manufacture, marketing and sale of cookies, chocolates, chocolate covered cookies, cakes, wafers and crackers in Turkey and abroad. The company also produces chocolate paste, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, chocolate flakes, couverture chocolate, flour, hazelnut and hazelnut puree.

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