Tips for using the Wildberry Cookie

A new cookie has been published in the Cookie Run Kingdom! It is available in its own featured gacha banner, where players have an increased chance of obtaining it. The banner lasts 41 days, so you can get it until June 13, 2022 (+9:00 GMT). If you’re lucky, you can also get it from the normal banner, and soul stones for him could appear in the Arena Medal Shop from time to time. In this Cookie Run Kingdom piece, we’ll look at tips for using Wildberry cookies.

If you want to get it, this is your best bet, as it won’t be available in the Mileage Store for at least an update or two. If you have accumulated a lot of crystals, try to get several copies in the featured banner so that you can get promotion rewards for him in a few weeks.

Of all past cookies, Wildberry most closely resembles Ginger cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie. Like Gingerbrave, it slams into the enemy team and stuns them for a moment, except Wildberry does a lot more damage! He’s a great attacker even though he’s a defensive cookie.

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Similar to Strawberry Crepe CookieWildberry provides a supplement 15% DMG resistance to his allies for a short time. While Strawberry Crepe provides a bigger boost (50% DMG Resist), Wildberry provides a useful stun with an offensive attack, so most players opt for Wildberry instead. He is quickly becoming a favorite in Arena, and some high level players are also using him for their Alliance runs for his extra DMG Resist.

Like all tanks, some cookies are useful in defeating it. A common strategy to use against teams with Wildberry is a Sorbet Front composition, which usually consists of Sorbet Shark, Frost Queen, Pumpkin Pie, Cotton, and Perfect.

The idea is for Sherbet Shark beat slowly but surely the enemy fronts (Sherbet shark is one of the best cookies to defeat tanks), frost queen to block the other team as often as possible, and Pumpkin pie for its reduced healing (it summons a creature that reduces the healing received by the nearby cookie by 40%), Cotton for its healing and stuns, and Perfect for its resistance to debuffs by 40%, protecting your team from debuffs that the other team might have.

Generally, Wildberry Cookie uses either quick chocolate or Whole almonds.

1. Quick chocolate filling

By using a full Swift Chocolate Topping Set on Wildberry Cookie allows him to use his skills as often as possible. This also gives him a 2 second start. If you plan to use a mixed set on him with Swift chocolates and whole almonds, make sure you have a 16.7% cooldown on his toppings since this is the minimum cooldown required for a 2 second skill start.

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On mixed sets you would also want to have as many DMG Resist substats as possible, as it is a defense cookie and is always positioned in the front. This means he will absorb most of the other team’s damage, so if you don’t give him enough protection, he can be defeated easily, leaving the rest of your team defenseless. For reference, a set with 3 Swift Chocolates and 2 Whole Almonds can provide up to 38.2% DMG resistancebut in reality the maximum you can get is around 30%.

Note that only one maximum Epic Swift Chocolate topping provides 3% CD, and the maximum recharge substate you can get on a trim is 2%. This means that for a mixed set containing 3 Swift Chocolate toppings, you will need an additional total of 7.7% CD in the sub stats alone. If you’re a new player without a lot of good toppings, it’s best to go for a full set rather than a mix.

2. Whole Almond Filling

Whole almonds
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For a more defensive build, you can put Whole almonds on him. A full set of Whole Almonds provides 20.5% DMG resistance and an additional 5% of the set’s effect bonus, totaling up to 25.5%. Since the maximum DMG resistance you can get from the toppings sub stats is 6%, in theory you can have 50.5% DMG resistance on Wildberry. However, most experienced players settle for around 45%-49%, as it’s hard to get good sub stats.

Other Trim Sub Stats

Since Wildberry is a front-end cookie, these substats would be good to have on it:

  • DMG Resistance
  • Critical Resistance
  • DEF
  • resume

However, unlike Whole Almonds (DMG Resist), the other sub-stats are only useful as a “bonus” for your cookie, rather than being your primary focus. Other sub stats that are good to have on Wildberry are ATK, CRIT and sometimes ATK Speed.

ATK speed is useful if you use Wild berry cookie and caramel arrow, and you use the Enchanted Librarian’s robes. Since Wildberry is almost always the first cookie to attack on a given team, extra ATK Speed ​​(make sure it’s one of the two cookies with the highest ATK Speed ​​on your team, l (other cookie being Caramel Arrow) on him plus the Robe’s treasure effect would cause him to attack faster than an enemy Wildberry.

This is especially useful since Wildberry stuns the other team, and if your Wildberry goes first, you’ll have a superior advantage over the other team. You will deal damage to the enemy team while they are stunned and cannot retaliate. Another thing to note is that during Hot raspberries and juicy apple jellys are some of the best toppings in the game, they are do not suitable for Wildberry Cookie.

Wildberry is one of the best cookies to use in Arena right now, and it’s hard to find players in Masters and Grandmasters who don’t have it on their team. There are many great teams to use it with right now, for example:

Final Thoughts
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1. Wildberry Comp: Wildberry, Caramel Arrow, Pomegranate, Eclair, Herb

It is one of the most common compositions and it is easy to build because it only has epic cookies. Grenade and Grass help keep the team alive, while the rest of your cookies deal damage to the enemy team. Try to use as many DMG Resist substats as possible in your team.

2. Quad Front Team: Wildberry, Madeleine, Dark Cacao, Caramel Arrow, Pomegranate (the latter can be replaced by Eclair, Parfait or Herb)

This comp is for more advanced players and will require you to have Dark cocoa, an ancient biscuit. Although this team only has one healer, this team has 4 forward crackers to compensate for this, providing heavy defense while dealing with big attacks. These 4 cookies are one of the most offensive tanks in the game, and Pomegranate in your team only increases their damage.

What do you think of our Cookie Run Kingdom guide on the Wildberry Cookie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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