This Lindt Advent Calendar at Costco turns heads


Costco shoppers were excited to spot this seasonal fixture. “YES PLEASE,” commented a Costco fan. Another user shared, “Got two for my older kids, a bit pricey, but a nice gift for someone who loves good chocolate!” (via Instagram). An Instagrammer pointed out that the best deal of all can be found at Costco.

Lindt may distribute chocolate internationally, but that doesn’t mean all the products on offer are exactly the same in all countries, and the classic Santa Claus Advent Calendar is no exception. The reason is, the brand explained, that “Lindt & Sprüngli’s chocolate products are produced at 11 of its own production sites in Europe and the United States” (via Lindt & Sprüngli). Each branch therefore operates independently.

One glance at Lindt’s various websites, from Lindt Italy to Lindt France, and you’ll find that if you’re shopping anywhere other than the US, unfortunately you won’t be able to get your hands on this advent calendar. particular. Not even one of Lindt Germany’s 20 different Advent calendars looks like the one sold at Costco. Clearly, the chocolatier takes his advent calendar designs seriously, tailoring them to suit the market. But regardless of the packaging or the country, Lindt chocolates will taste just as delicious – maybe even better when consumed outside of an Advent calendar.

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