This chocolate company offers clean, cruelty-free ingredients



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Have a sweet tooth? this belonging to women and visible minorities the company offers clean and cruelty-free ingredients in their treats.

Living Lotus Chocolate creates beautiful desserts and chocolate from the bean to the bar that are gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free.

As part of our Made in Vancouver series highlighting local businesses, we spoke with Audrey Wong, Founder of Living Lotus Chocolate, about building a healthy, ethically-sourced dessert business.

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Wong decided to open a healthy chocolate business because of his own culinary background.

“I was working in the cinema and started supplementing my meals with cleaner plant-based meals. Feeling that I had the answer to more energy, I decided to go to school to learn more about raw cooking and nutrition, ”she said.

“I have a big sweet tooth, it was obvious to start a dessert business. Then the cocoa bean found me and the chocolate won.

The Lotus symbol in his company also represents his professional career.

“She grows mud and turns into this beautiful flower. It’s also a symbol of transformation that I found perfect as I was leaving my full-time career to start something new, ”she said.

In 2013, the company opened its doors and their the most popular dessert became their chocolate ganache. After, they start learning, researching and playing with all things chocolate – find out more about the cocoa bean.

“The cocoa bean is so complex, it’s like magic. We’ve always been a vegan company, and by adding beans to chocolate bars, we source our supplies from the farmers who pay so much care and attention to the cocoa trees, harvesting and fermenting the beans. This ensures that we are a cruelty-free business, ”Wong said.

Today, they offer another variety of chocolate from their Vancouver workshop.

You can find chocolate grains in 3 flavors, including blond, oat milk and 70 percent dark. In addition, a wide variety of vegan and gluten-free desserts made to order, including truffles, macaroons and personalized cakes.

Wong said it’s important to think about where our food comes from.

“Chocolate is not just a product you buy in a store. The chocolate comes from a tree, a farmer plants the seeds, harvests the cocoa beans, and then the beans go through post-harvest practices like fermentation and drying, ”she said.

“By directly supporting farmers and buying cocoa that does not come from the sector, we support them and ensure that they are treated fairly and receive a fair wage. “

Living Lotus Chocolate offers curbside pick-up at 780 East Cordova Street in Vancouver and online shopping across Canada.

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