The Whole Truth Foods (TWT) Introduces India’s First Dark Chocolate Sweetened ONLY with Dates; launches homemade bean-to-bar chocolate shop in Mumbai

In order to support the manufacturing process and produce the best dark chocolate in the country, TWT has created its own bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Bombay. From establishing a factory, to sourcing the beans directly from Kerala, to spending months perfecting the delicate process of achieving a smooth, velvety texture while using such a difficult sweetener as dates (in due to their high fiber content), this journey of creating a 100% clean, yet decadent, product in a traditionally indulgent category was a major milestone for the brand.

Despite a 30% year-on-year growth, dark chocolate constitutes a tiny fraction (600 cr) of the largest chocolate market of 14,000 cr. This is mainly due to the substantial price gap between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, which has meant that dark chocolate, despite its many health benefits, has been reserved for the elites. Even consumers with a solid understanding of the category and a strong purchase intent find themselves without access to couverture chocolate (read: true). TWT fills this gap and takes craftsmanship to scale by offering the same premium quality, now enhanced with dates, at a much more competitive price. TWT chocolates have two basic variations – 71% and 55% dark chocolate, as well as various flavors like orange, hazelnut, sea salt and almond raisins.

Speaking of launch, Shashank MehtaFounder and CEO, The Whole Truth Foods mentioned, “About 18 months ago, we decided to create a sweet chocolate with dates only. No added sugar or sweeteners. However, dates are quite fibrous, so achieving that perfectly smooth texture of a chocolate rich required 4 times longer conch time.This meant that each batch of this chocolate had to be ground continuously for up to 22 hours! Bombay. After many midnight oil burning nights and countless iterations, we are very proud to present to you india first dark chocolate naturally sweetened only with dates and without any artificial sweeteners or added sugar.”

Why should dark chocolate be inaccessible to most people in the country? Not only are consumers becoming more aware of the benefits of REAL chocolate, but they are also developing a palate that is moving away from the sugar-laden dessert we call chocolate. Yet they are completely overpriced on the dark chocolate market. We’re breaking this trend by offering 100% clean, truly decadent and naturally sweet chocolate at a much better price.” he added again.

In an effort to educate the public on the difference between “healthy” foods that claim to be made with natural ingredients and foods that are actually made with natural, healthy ingredients, TWT has launched a mini-series of educational videos. but super fun as part of their “Healthy Foods” campaign against the whole truth. The series sheds light on 3 ways food marketers trick us. Watch these videos on their Instagram page – @thewholetruthfoods or on their Youtube channel. This series of announcements served as a prelude to the launch of TWT’s pioneering product – india first dark chocolate sweetened 100% with dates, sweetened ONLY with dates.

About the whole truth

The Whole Truth (TWT) is india first and only 100% clean label brand. They create food so clean that they list every ingredient that goes into it, up front (not hidden behind in microscopic font). Brands hide what goes into their food because they have something to hide. In the name of “health”, we are all sold to a bunch of half-truths interested in food brands all around us. TWT is considering changing this. And they will do it by telling the whole truth. Warts don’t all. The 5-6 ingredients listed on the front of their packages are the only things that go into their food. Everything else is a strict no. No added sugar, no chemicals, no sweeteners, no stash, no bullshit. Just a handful of simple, natural ingredients your mom would approve of.

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