The Trader Joe’s Caramel Center Lava Cake is ‘ridiculously easy’ to make

Couples dining out can still find the classic dessert on many menus. Even the happiest place on earth, disney, does he have. There are a plethora of recipes online for lava cakes, ranging from complex to simple. microwave cakes. Home cooks at all skill levels can find one that matches their cooking skills.

In a recent post from pirate of life, two Trader Joe’s products have been combined to create the simplest version of the dessert. Starting with the “Blondie Bar Baking Mix”, the batter is placed in six ramekins like their siblings before receiving a single “Dark Chocolate Covered Caramel” placed in the middle of the cake to form the lava. Although a blondie is different from a brownie, (more vanilla than chocolate), the combination works, and frankly, we don’t see why you couldn’t substitute a brownie mix if you needed a solution. more chocolate. Using a boxed mix as a base lets you play with different flavor combinations, substituting different chocolates for the center.

Home cooks who still think it’s too much work, fear not because you can also buy a lava cake kit or buy one premade and frozen at Trader Joe’s. Despite the reviews, there’s a reason we’re still talking about a dessert that went viral long before social media because it hits all the right notes — hot, cold, gooey, mushy, and chocolatey.

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