The exorbitant amount spent on food for baccalaureate candidates


Channel Ten producers reportedly spent over $ 5,000 a week in groceries for contestants on The single person.

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A production insider has revealed that some of the ladies “made the most ridiculous requests” when writing their weekly shopping lists while they were in the mansion.


Producers should also have worked with each of the candidate’s dietary needs.

“They had vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free cheese,” they said. “There was a drawer in the refrigerator for each brand and type of cheese,” the source told Daily mail.

“There was so much food, plus catering on set and sponsored YouFoodz. It was such a mess! The girls didn’t realize there would be food being provided.”

The single person


The source also claimed that almost all of the girls gained around five pounds each while on the show.

“There was so much vegan and gluten free food, it literally cost [producers] $ 5,000 in Coles orders at each store, ”the insider said.

Girls apparently also have 24-hour access to dozens of different chocolates as well as all types of milk alternatives.

The single person


News of the expensive budget comes after last season’s winner Irena Srbinovska revealed that applicants are not allowed to leave the mansion unless it is for a date.

On our days off we hang out around the pool, practice, do our nails and hair, ”Irena said on Instagram last week.

“We have the right to open an online store for urgent things (like we are running out of makeup).”

The single person


Alisha Aitken-Radburn, who appeared in Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ 2018 season, has revealed issues with the ladies not being allowed to use their phones or access the internet.

“It’s such an interesting experience to meet everyone without seeing how they present themselves online,” she said.

“It was actually quite disappointing (especially on Bachelor in Paradise) to discover a really big gap between who someone really is and how they behave online.”

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