The Best Percentage of Chocolate for Baking, According to Alice Medrich

Back then, buying baking chocolate was a little easier. According to Kitchn, the bars typically came in unsweetened, bittersweet, and semi-sweet varieties. But more recently, according to the outlet, baking chocolate makers have become even more specific, offering bars with different cocoa percentages — which, of course, indicates how sweet the bar is. But how do you know which to buy – especially when “bitter-sweet” and “semi-sweet” sound basically the same?

According to MasterClass, bittersweet chocolate should be 70% cocoa, and semisweet is a bit sweeter at 60% cocoa. But these percentages are only guidelines, and the actual cocoa content may vary by brand, the outlet says. For this reason, as Medrich told Kitchn, it’s best to read labels — and choose 60% chocolate (whether labeled as bittersweet or semisweet) for most baking recipes. .

“A lot of our old favorite recipes don’t specify a percentage,” the baking expert told the outlet. “They probably say just sour-sweet or semi-sweet. In that case, your safest bet is to use 60% chocolate.” If a recipe calls for darker chocolate but does not specify “bitter-sweet”, “semi-sweet” or a certain percentage of chocolate, Medrich always recommends using 60% chocolate, which has a good balance between in cocoa and a mellow sweetness. .

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