The 13 Absolute Best Desserts in the United States

When 73-year-old Giovanni Bolla emigrated to America decades ago, his current tiramisu empire was an unplanned venture. But when her daughter Isabella suggested she start a tiramisu business, delivering delicious platters of Italian desserts became her new mission (via The Craze). From there, Giovanni’s Tiramisu was born.

Cut much like a slice of American sheet cake, the tiramisu combines layers of espresso-dipped spongy cookies, lightly sweetened mascarpone cheesecake, and alternating dustings of cocoa powder. The name itself refers to the instant “take me back” following a little sugar, a little coffee, and sometimes a little booze (via Eater). Tiramisu is a dessert that satisfies in many ways, which only adds to the argument for the best desserts.

Giovanni’s version brings out all the most amazing qualities of tiramisu. The recipe comes from his Piedmontese upbringing with ingredients 100% imported from Italy. Not too sweet and perfectly caffeinated, Giovanni is considered “The Tiramisu Delivery Man” of Los Angeles (via Giovanni’s Tiramisu). The world was captivated by Giovanni’s passion, but it was the irresistible tiramisu that earned him praise from the Los Angeles Times, the Kelly Clarkson Show and CBS. Lucky residents of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley can order his tiramisu for home delivery. The rest of us will have to take a trip to Los Angeles to experience Giovanni’s contribution to America’s finest desserts.

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