TCHO Chocolate obtains B-Corp certification

TCHO Chocolate is now recognized as a Certified B Company as a result of its sustainability efforts through the TCHO Source program and strives to improve the lives of its workers, customers, suppliers and the local community. The rigorous B Corp certification process brings credible, meticulous and transparent standards to TCHO’s longstanding sourcing practices, as well as a new way to measure the company’s social and environmental impact. On average, companies that pass the assessment receive a score of 50.9, and only one in three candidates actually receive recognition on their first attempt. This initial certification is part of TCHO’s ongoing goal to set higher standards for itself and for the chocolate-making community.

“While many people are already aware of TCHO’s long-standing work with cocoa farmers, agronomists and cocoa research institutes, this B Corp certification is tangible proof of our commitment to all aspects of durability. I am so proud of TCHO’s commitment to being a great employer and implementing sustainable practices at our Berkeley facility,” said Laura Sweitzer, Director of TCHO Source. “We will continue to challenge ourselves in the years to come to innovate and improve all facets of our business.”

Becoming a certified B company is not an easy task. With a qualifying score of 82.2, this initial certification is part of TCHO’s ongoing goal to set higher standards for itself and the chocolate community. TCHO’s work in reliable supply and community development was among the many
qualities which justify his qualification. Below is more information about TCHO’s outstanding work on the five graduating B Corp categories:

● Governance — As a Certified B Corporation, TCHO has signed a Declaration of Interdependence, holding it responsible for upholding its commitment as a model business leader in its industry and aspiring to “do no harm and benefit all.”

● Workers — Despite the many challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, TCHO has kept each of its employees full-time. Since the company was founded, TCHO has had a high retention rate and many permanent employees. It does this by paying well above minimum wage and providing a range of employee benefits.

● Community — Many of the cocoa suppliers that TCHO sources from today have been part of the company since its inception, such as the ACOPAGRO cooperative in Juanjui, Peru, with which TCHO has worked for more than 13 years. In 2009, In ​​2009, TCHO set up a Flavor Lab at the coop to better support the relationship and improve production. Most of the suppliers are small family farmers whom TCHO has supported through long-standing relationships, educational opportunities and financial assistance in exchange for world-class cocoa. To this day, each unique cocoa source is visited directly by TCHO team members to maintain a strong relationship and work together on innovative solutions to the cocoa industry’s biggest challenges. In addition, the company donates $10,000 per year to the African Cocoa Initiative II program, a five-year initiative focused on building sustainable cocoa supply chains in West Africa.

● Environment — TCHO chocolate is Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic Certified. As a company, it has prioritized not only sourcing individual organic ingredients, but also making its chocolate bars completely organic, when possible. TCHO is also heavily involved in intercropping, reforestation and biodiversity efforts. Additionally, TCHO used the B Corp process to launch a tracking system to calculate its carbon footprint as a baseline for improvements in future years.

● Customers — TCHO prides itself on excellent customer service, always having real people available to talk to customers if they have a problem or if customers are looking to share feedback. However, the company’s work with customers also extends to the culinary community. Through the TCHO Pro program, TCHO identifies, promotes and invests in chef partnerships with a variety of creative minds across the industry. The result is an ever-growing collection of content developed to inspire chocolate lovers everywhere.

About B Lab
B Lab is a non-profit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. B Lab initiatives include B Corp certification, administration of B Impact Management programs and software, and advocacy for governance structures such as the Benevolent Society. B Lab’s vision is of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for everyone and for the planet. To date, there are more than 3,000 B-certified companies in 150 industries and 70 countries, and more than 70,000 companies use the B Impact assessment. Visit for more information.

About TCHO
Founded in 2008, TCHO Chocolate makes award-winning, imaginative chocolate by collaborating directly with cocoa farmers in flavor labs around the world to cultivate better, more consistent cocoa beans to create authentic artisanal chocolate to inspire chefs. , amateur bakers and chocolate all over the world.
passionate. Like wine or coffee, cocoa’s inherent flavors vary depending on where it’s grown, as well as key processes, like fermentation or roasting, that influence flavor development.

Since all cocoas are not created equal, TCHO created TCHO Source, a one-of-a-kind sourcing and education partnership with farmers, cooperatives and agronomists around the world. By installing TCHO Flavor Labs in key cocoa production sites, creating cocoa sensory analysis standards for the industry, organizing sensory training, developing standardized fermentation and drying processes, improving the infrastructure and by sharing information across the world of cocoa, TCHO has transformed its suppliers into co-creators. From there, TCHO hand-selects every ingredient used to craft its award-winning chocolates for an unforgettable experience from first sight to last bite.

TCHO’s professional range is used by top chefs nationwide and includes TCHO Pro couverture, drinking chocolate, cocoa powder and roasted cocoa nibs. Beginning in 2021, TCHO enhanced its position as an exemplary chocolate maker by becoming officially SQF certified, a rigorous, globally recognized food safety standard administered by the Safe Quality Food Institute. TCHO products are manufactured in Berkeley, California.

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