Taurus…one of the most materialistic and sensual signs of the zodiac; personality traits, and more

DATE: April 21 – May 20 SOVEREIGN: Venus,

KEYWORDS: Endurance, materialism, firmness, productivity, practicality, meticulousness, security, fixity, sensuality, stubbornness, possessive, routine, patient, slow, hedonistic, patient, complacent

APPEARANCE: Taurus is characterized by a large head, short neck and strong shoulders on a stocky body that tapers towards the feet firmly planted on the ground. The eyes are large and striking, set under a broad forehead, and the hair tends to be coarse and dark. A Taurus dresses comfortably but sensually.

PERSONALITY: Determination is a key personality trait of Taurus, along with inflexibility and risk aversion. Routine security is key, which means Taurus often gets stuck in a rut. Extremely dependable, dedication to duty and loyalty are the qualities Taurus values ​​the most, making them an asset to the team. He is a tenacious personality who tackles even the most mundane tasks with diligence and patience. Taurus can show incredible stamina under pressure, while outwardly adhering to convention. There is also a lighter side to this personality. This complacent personality is a pleasure seeker who takes full advantage of her sensuality.

AS A PARENT: Taurus is a conscientious parent, favoring discipline and routine. Children of a Taurus benefit from a very structured environment. There is little room for spontaneity but practical creativity is encouraged.

CHILD: A typical Taurus child needs a predictable daily routine and a hands-on upbringing that uses both the body and the senses. Most have a “safety blanket” or treasured item that makes them feel safe. Often afraid of venturing out into the world, this child benefits from gentle encouragement. Confrontation is best avoided as it usually leads to a tantrum or a stubborn refusal to budge.

CAREERS: An abiding interest in good food makes Taurus an excellent critic or restaurateur. The sign’s deep connection with the earth often finds expression in the work of a landscaper, horticulturist, organic farmer, surveyor, builder, architect or real estate agent. Taurus is also suited to work as a singer or musician, art or antiques dealer, body artist, jeweler or craftsman. A reliable Taurus makes an excellent government employee, administrator, financier, banker, investment broker, pension administrator, or office manager.

SUITABLE GIFT IDEAS: The ostentatious Taurus appreciates a gold watch, a gourmet meal or designer accessories. High-quality chocolates, expensive fragrant oils and lotions, silk and satin clothes also go well with this sensual sign. Appearance matters a lot, which is why gifts should be attractively wrapped.

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Posted: Sunday April 24th 2022, 1:53 PM IST

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