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Chocolate has long been considered the “food of the gods,” a delicacy of the elite, and believed in both mythical and medicinal history as an aphrodisiac and energy booster around the world.

This love story continues today at the SM Store Snack Exchange, a one-stop-shop for essential snacks. Shoppers can find a wide variety of their favorite chocolates around the world – from candy filled with praline cream; from melt-in-your-mouth chocolates to a single-source dark chocolate bar; and colorful chocolate candies with chocolate covered fruit.

Take a chocolate addict’s world tour through Snack Exchange’s selection of chocolates and learn about the different delicious and innovative ways each country celebrates chocolate.

Switzerland has been known for its smooth and creamy milk chocolate since its original formula was first discovered there. Premium Swiss chocolate brands can be found at the Snack Exchange – Lindt, which began in 1845 and has 370 stores worldwide; and Toblerone, the unique triangular shaped chocolate bar inspired by the Matterhorn, with its divine taste of Swiss milk, filled with natural honey, the best cocoa and almond nougat.

Discover Filipino chocolate made from sustainably sourced cocoa beans from Davao with the Heritage Collection from Auro.

Premium chocolates from the chocolate capital of the world

Premium chocolates from the chocolate capital of the world

Belgium has been nicknamed the “Chocolate Capital of the World”. Their chocolates are known to have a higher cocoa content, and Belgian filled chocolates such as truffles and molded pralines are very often fancy shaped and filled with buttercream and ganache.

What makes Italian chocolate so good is that they care so much about the purity of the ingredients and have surprisingly combined the sophistication of dark chocolate with all the decadence of milk chocolate. Discover this with Nutella and Ferrero spread, a crunchy chocolate with hazelnuts on the outside of a wafer and a chocolate and hazelnut filling.

Britain has been a nation of chocolate junkies since the 19th century, considered the golden age of cocoa-based creativity. It was around this time that Fry & Sons produced the first solid chocolate bar in 1847; Cream Sticks, the first filled chocolate candy in 1853; and Cadbury introduced dairy milk in 1905 using a higher proportion of milk. Soon other brands like Mars, Milky Way, KitKat, Maltesers, Aero and Smarties made the UK a chocolate lover’s paradise.

American chocolates are sweet and delicious and are a way of saying “I love you”. Chocolates were even considered comfort food for the masses, when Milton Hershey produced large quantities of chocolate milk bars known as Hershey’s Milk Chocolate or “The Great American Chocolate Bar” at an affordable price.

The Philippines was the landing point for cocoa in Asia, making the Filipinos chocolate lovers. For generations, they have enjoyed a very hot chocolate drink with the tablea, a small bar of chocolate. Over the years, the government’s initiative to rehabilitate the cocoa industry began with the emergence of small chocolatiers like Auro Chocolate, who created world-class chocolate chips rooted in Filipino heritage and traditions, and which can be found at SM Snack Exchange.

Other Asian countries have since developed their own chocolate treats. Japan has Meiji, with its bean bar and organic chocolates for the health conscious; while Korea has Lotte’s Pepero, a thin cookie stick dipped in chocolate.

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