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OH-SO-SOFT EXPANSION. Sweet Driver Chocolates – a business owned by Rebecca Flynn, which you may remember from Obsession Chocolates – recently moved their business to the old Skill Shot Coffee location at Artisan Forge Studios. It seems to be open in June. (Photos by Amanda Anderson)

If you’re craving something sweet during a pandemic, you’re not alone.

Sweet Driver Chocolates – a confectionery based at Artisan Forge Studios – has seen its sales increase by 120% in recent years, with a big boom amid the pandemic to meet the growing demand for sea salt toffees, amarettos to cranberries, hazelnut gianduja with feuilletine, maple cream truffles, and basically all things Chocolate.

“We continue to take suites in the building and move beyond them,” said COO and chocolate maker Rebecca Flynn, who said the store moved to its fourth suite when the perfect opportunity presented itself: a extension in the former Skill Shot Coffee area on the first floor of Artisan Forge studios.

We are so happy to be in this building. We wanted to be able to stay here, and now we can.

Rebecca flynn

Sweet chocolates to the driver

This exciting new location will allow Flynn to offer not only their exclusive chocolates, but creative and top-notch ice cream flavors as well. Harmless coffee, based in Milwaukee. She also hired a bakery chef and baristas to bring the store to life.

“We are so happy to be in this building,” said Flynn. “We wanted to be able to stay here, and now we can. “

The new cafe – which Flynn aims to open in early June – will feature freshly made chocolates made from quality couverture chocolate with local organic herbs, butter and fruit; gelato (with half a dozen unique flavors of coconut cream and blood orange, with sherbets and dairy-free options) made from fresh fruit purees from France; coffees, lattes, mokas, specialty drinks and smoothies; and will feature a revolving gallery space featuring local artists.

The coffee area will also have compostable gelato containers, spoons and bags.

Keep up to date with the expansion and check out Sweet Driver Chocolates’ sweet treats on facebook.com/sweetdriver Where sweetdriverchocolates.com.


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