SMOOR ends 5 years; promises pure art and craftsmanship with a wide range of desserts and chocolates


08 Sep 2021 18:28 STI

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], Sept. 8 (ANI / NewsView): SMOOR, the leading Bangalore-based luxury chocolate brand that makes the ultimate pleasure experience with couverture chocolates, celebrates its 5th anniversary in August 2021. The company, which conceptualized and single-handedly developed the finely crafted couverture chocolates and desserts in the country, takes this milestone with a CAGR above the industry average of 44% over the past 5 years, indicating its leadership in the field.
Continuing this momentum, the 5-year-old strong brand has now unveiled its intention to reach INR 400 crore in revenue by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 60%. In addition, from its current 20 stores, the brand will expand to 200 stores across the country by then. Future expansion will also be aided by its rapidly growing omnichannel presence with a focus on D2C websites to unlock greater geographic reach.
Several factors have contributed to the remarkable growth of SMOOR, innovation and expansion of its product portfolio being key. In addition to its extensive retail and online presence, SMOOR has launched exclusive portals to harness the potential of its most popular offerings. After a strong response to its D2C website, the brand will also launch this month a new e-boutique exclusively dedicated to its range of macaroons,, which offers a range of 21 unique flavors of macaroons, including a first range of egg-free macaroons to introduce more Indians to this delicate and delicious confectionery.
Speaking on this milestone, Vimal Sharma, Founder-Director and CEO of SMOOR, said: “The early years of SMOOR’s operation consisted of a great degree of consumer education to make the difference between chocolates live. ordinary and couverture chocolates. It is heartwarming to see that now the market has become major. Consumer lifestyles have transformed and premium experiences are highly sought after – we fit right into this market! We are grateful for the other players who have entered and expanded the market with us, and for the love our customers have showered on us. We are ending our 5th year with a lot of enthusiasm for the future, which is brighter than ever. “
SMOOR, which operates branded stores in airports, malls and main streets, etc., has seen 30% of its stores become unsustainable during the COVID-19-induced lockdown. Meanwhile, the brand has been nimble to switch to digital and omnichannel models – a testament to the brand’s tenacity and readiness – recording a higher growth rate than before the pandemic. Meanwhile, considering the need of the hour, the company also launched SMOOR Wellness Barks, soaked in immunity boosting herbs like Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Amla and Giloy.
SMOOR attributes much of its growth to customer acceptance and love for its products and aims to continue to innovate and deliver flawless quality to maintain its leadership position.
The finely crafted products and exquisite packaging of SMOOR complement and reflect the exclusivity and the best experience. Smoor offers personalized baskets with a wide range of chocolates and desserts carefully selected to ensure ultimate pleasure.
SMOOR Signature stores are present in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gurgaon. Its products are available on and can also be purchased from online platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, BigBasket, Amazon, Flipkart.
A brand that creates experiences of ultimate pleasure with couverture chocolates, Smoor was created by Vimal Sharma in March 2015. The luxury chocolate brand opened its first flagship store in August 2016 in Bangalore to create a new benchmark for finely processed foods “imagined in India”. .
Smoor brings together authentic ingredients, enthusiasts and a range of premium products including chocolates, exclusive cakes, gift baskets, desserts, drinks and much more. The brand has evolved with the evolution of consumer palettes and offers a truly exceptional international experience for every individual seeking lavish indulgence. The brand also creates a line of special products and gift boxes for occasions such as Diwali, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
Smoor’s high quality products are unique and made by some of the best chocolate makers and chefs around the world. Its refined ingredients come from the most desirable places in the world and the products are created in a state-of-the-art factory.
Connoisseurs of couverture chocolates can find Smoor not only at its Signature salons and stores, but also on its website. The brand is also present on platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, BigBasket, Amazon, Flipkart and many others. Its signature stores are located in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gurgaon, and it is also available in over 50 major Indian cities through aggregation and market platforms.
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