Rachel Nolan enjoys the sweet taste of success with NoBó newspaper-free candy brand


When Rachel Nolan left her top-flight position working with Condé Nast – the editor of Vogue – she knew she was looking for a more fulfilling career. However, she probably hadn’t considered that her next move would see her build an international brand on the backs of frozen avocados.

His new business started small. About eight years ago, Nolan and her husband Brian set up their first stall at the Marlay Park food market in Rathfarnham.. Nolan had developed an ice cream – made with avocados instead of milk, intended for Ireland’s growing vegan population.

Nolan has fond memories of those early days – from waking up in the early hours of the weekend to make a new batch of avocado ice cream in her kitchen, to the patrons who supported her and Brian’s. These early clients provided the motivation and support that helped NoBó (a play on the word no and the Irish word for cow) to become the international brand it is today.

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