Pearson’s limited-edition ‘Salted Nut Roll’ makeovers are here


The Salted Nut Roll has been a staple of Pearson’s Candy Company of Minnesota since its introduction in 1933. Today, the Saint Paul Company introduces several limited edition flavor makeovers.

Available now, the good ol ‘Salted Nut Roll comes in a’ Pumpkin Spice ‘version and an’ Apple Pie ‘edition.

The limited edition Salted Nut Rolls is also available in a “spicy” version and Cinnamon Churro edition. If you can’t find them in Minnesota stores, you might have better luck on Amazon.

Seen this week at Coborn on Cooper

Tim Lyon / Townsquare Media

The “spicy” salty nut roll is said to have a sweet and savory Tex-Mex flair. The Cinnamon Churro variety gives you the sweet warmth of cinnamon. The apple pie and pumpkin spice nut rolls are self-explanatory.

Randy Klemann, Senior Vice President of Sales at Pearson’s Candy Company, said:

Consumer feedback after trying the new flavors has been overwhelmingly positive, noting in particular how well the new flavors complement the normal salty-sweet taste of our original Salted Walnut Roll.

In addition to Salted Nut Rolls, Pearson’s Candy creates other tasty treats like Nut Goodie, Mint Patties, Vanilla and Maple Buns, and Pearson’s Thins – which are the favorites above. in bite-size pieces.

In 2020, Tin Whiskers Brewing in Saint Paul partnered with Pearson’s Candy to create “Salted Nut Roll Cream Ale”. This is the second collaboration between the brewer and the confectionery. Tin Whiskers had previously released “Nut Goodie Porter”.

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