Nupur Sanon on how much she loves food and the routine she follows to stay in shape



Nupur Sanon is an aspiring actress, singer and popular face in several videos and albums. She is also the sister of famous Bollywood actress Kritri Sanon. In a candid conversation with Nibedita Roy of Times Food at a special “Cheesyween” event hosted by Taco Bell for Halloween, Nupur Sanon shared her love for cheesy foods and her secret to staying in shape.

Tell us about your food choices?

Entering this profession made me choose healthier food choices. But being a foodie, I like foods that are a bit unhealthy and loaded with cheese. I’ve always been a cheese lover and prefer a little addition of cheese as a garnish.

What’s your secret to staying in shape?
I’m a foodie and can’t go on a fad diet for too long. I believe that whatever I eat I must burn it. So my holy secret to staying in shape is that I go for a swim or HIIT exercise. I’m bored with too much weight training. So I always try different things to stay in shape.

What’s your favorite cheese treat?

I usually prefer controlled portions and small cheesy meals like bowls of tacos or burrito or maybe something healthy with a cheese filling or a cheese dip with jalapenos. I don’t usually binge on heavy meals.

What is your favorite binging?

My favorite is definitely a bowl of nachos and I usually eat it with a cheese and jalapeño dip or a simple salsa dip. Also, something like Maggi, Pasta or Noodles and I just add cheese to make it delicious.

What is your mantra for managing your weight?

I don’t sacrifice my cravings, but I make sure that if I eat I will burn it! Most of the time after a day of cheating I make sure that the next morning I start my day with a cup of black coffee and then work out or hit the gym. Great food is a real motivation, you can’t stop living your life to stay in shape.

Are you cooking?

I don’t cook normally, but confinement has taught us a lot. My sister Kriti Sanon and I took responsibility for the cooking and started cooking. While my sister loved to bake bread and cakes, I was the one who preferred elaborate cooking. From making Biryanis to pasta, the food I cook has always been delicious, and my mother tells me that I am lucky to have “Hath ka Andaza” also without learning to cook.

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Things that are still there in your fridge?

The sauces, dips are still here as we all love to nibble on teatime snacks or nachos with a variety of dips. Healthy fat free condiments, cheese, red beans, different flavors of dark chocolates, healthy exotic vegetables like broccoli, avocado are always there in my fridge.

Foods that rekindle nostalgia?

Rajma Chawal was my favorite, being a Punjabi Rajma Chawal is in my blood. Also, I love Shakarpare, my grandfather always had it for me, so these are the two foods that always evoke nostalgia.

What’s in the pipeline?

After the success of Filhal 2, I recently signed up for a Bollywood movie and I’m very excited for 2022 as there are a few projects in the works.


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