NOLA Egg Custard at Reve Coffee Lab

To Dream Coffee Lab in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, every latest signature drink is created in-house by talented and creative baristas. The company holds a signature drink contest for each season of the year with cash prizes for the top four. Fostering this kind of creativity translates into delicious drinks — take barista Kylie Bihm’s NOLA Egg Custard. The drink takes over the classic egg cream (seltzer water, milk, chocolate) and takes it up a notch.

We spoke with creative director Carter Liles to find out more.

Tell us about your signature drink!

Our NOLA chicory cold brew, flavored with white and dark chocolates and homemade vanilla syrup, frothy cold and topped with malt-infused cream and a splash of sparkling water, topped with dark chocolate shavings and a wafer straw filled with fudge.

Who created your signature drink?

Dream barista Kylie Bihm.

What unique ingredients does it contain?

Malt, home-roasted chicory coffee blend.

Is your signature drink served in a particular container? How did you make this choice?

It is served in a beaded glass of pink Fortessa tableware. We chose it for its beauty as well as its texture which resembles the bubbles of a soda.

NOLA Egg Custard

Where is it available?

At our three Rêve Coffee Lab locations: Rêve Coffee Lab River Ranch, Rêve Coffee Lab Downtown, Rêve Coffee Lab Baton Rouge.

How much does it cost?


How long will it stay on the menu?

Until early summer 2022.

Do you have anything else to share on the drink?

Inspired by classic soda store egg cream sodas.

Thank you!

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