New Zealand’s Best Ice Cream – Readers’ Choice

Kiwis are said to be among – if not the – the biggest ice cream eaters in the world, each of us carrying around 22 to 23 liters a year. So it’s no wonder that many of us consider ourselves experts in this field.

Travel stuffThe recent article on where to get the best ice cream in New Zealand sparked a wave of alternative suggestions from readers, a selection of which we’ve featured here. It seems fair enough to say that wherever you walk in Aotearoa this summer, you won’t have to go far for quality ice cream. Even if you can’t really eat cream.

Ambrosia Hazelnut Gelato from Gelato Junkie in Dunedin.

Marie De Ruyter

Ambrosia Hazelnut Gelato from Gelato Junkie in Dunedin.

Gelato Junkie, Dunedin

This Dunedin ice cream parlor’s new ‘Jaffa Cake’ flavor might just be the best thing since Vogel’s sliced ​​bread: milk chocolate topped with chunks of chocolate brownie soaked in Cointreau, orange marmalade and chocolate chips. White and Black. You can even get a vegan version.

Travel stuff Reader Mark described the place as “fantastic,” noting that it has plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. Other flavors include tiramisu, hazelnut, chocolate orange, lemon meringue, and coconut yogurt. A recent Google reviewer described it as “pretty much the best place for ice cream in Dunedin, and not for lack of choice.” Vegan Flavors are the best vegan ice cream I’ve found anywhere on the South Island. And with the Patti’s & Cream food truck just down the street in St Clair Beach, that means something.

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Hoops and Spoons, Waikato

The co-founder of this Te Awamutu-based gem has been making dosh donuts since the early 1980s, so she’s pretty much New Zealand’s unofficial donut queen. Marion, the aforementioned royal donut, and her mate Dona started selling their winning combo of donuts and ice cream to Pirongia in 2016, soon investing in a food truck to take them to the general public. They were so spoiled that the couple quickly passed their first store and now produce a huge range of ice cream, sorbets and donuts at their Te Awamutu and Hamilton East stores and their traveling food trucks.

Some of the more interesting ice cream flavors include “All Whites” (white chocolate and macadamia), Boysenberry Cheesecake, and Jaffa Crunch, while sherbets include feijoa, pear, and golden kiwi. The donut of the day is the “Santa’s Snack”: a fatty hoop donut filled with vanilla cream and a chocolate flake and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Reader Kerry loves that “they make their own ice cream in a wide variety of flavors” as well as their “super donuts”.

Kaffee Eis sells its ice cream to cafes and restaurants across the country under the Gellicious Gelato brand.


Kaffee Eis sells its ice cream to cafes and restaurants across the country under the Gellicious Gelato brand.

Kaffee Eis, Wellington

These Wellington Ice Wizards have won numerous awards for their Italian-style confections, which include an iced version of Ferrero Rocher (Bon Bon Rocher) chocolate, biscotti (a more sophisticated version of cookies and cream) and “Indian Summer” yogurt, lightly spiced with cardamom, ginger and turmeric.

One reader described the flavor of Indian summer as “fantastic”, adding that the vegan chocolate sorbet is “top notch” as well.

“Add in a few peanut butter flavors and you have a utopian taste,” they said.

Another said they often went to one of Kaffee Eis’ three outlets (at Courtney Place, Cuba Street and TSB Bank Arena) after dinner, describing the gelato as “a party thing in the town. stuffy”.

The Fuse truck is parked by the Heathcote River in Christchurch.


The Fuse truck is parked by the Heathcote River in Christchurch.

Real Fruit Ice Cream Fuse, Christchurch

A back injury that forced Logan Whyte to give up his landscaping job saw him embark on a mission “to take real fruit ice cream to another level.”

Finding a food truck with a bright orange cone-shaped sign on TradeMe in 2017, Logan and his partner Tahlia began experimenting with flavors such as peanut butter, Nutella, and sweet and sour cherry yogurt, have replaced the traditional chocolate flake with a slice of berries and cookie. , and have developed their own quickset sauce using Whittaker chocolate. It worked – wonders. So much so that Logan now runs the food truck full time and Tahlia lends a helping hand when she quits her day job as a science teacher in high school and on weekends.

Customers can create their own dreamy frozen dessert, choosing a base of vanilla or chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt, another flavor (with options including a blend of berry, mango and passion fruit ), toppings such as Oreos, nuggets and peanuts, and dark, milk or white chocolate sauce.

“The trailer is parked in Cashmere on the bank of the Heathcote River under tall sprawling trees,” Logan explains. “We love being part of the local community and have developed an incredibly loyal following.”

White's Dairy claims to offer Auckland's biggest ice cream.

Ben Watson / Stuff

White’s Dairy claims to offer Auckland’s biggest ice cream.

White’s Dairy, Auckland

This Devonport dairy’s 10-scoop whoppers draw foodies from all over the town of Sails. Owner Nilesh Jogia said he saw some complete cones in 10 minutes.

“But 10 scoops is a bit extreme for most people, so we’re making an eight scoop version which is a little more manageable.” If eight scoops doesn’t seem manageable either, it’s okay to order just one or a few scoops.

Reader Romit described White’s as “the best of the North Shore, having sold Auckland’s best and largest ice cream to generations of Kiwis for decades.” Essentially, if big old-fashioned ice cream is your jam, White’s is the place to be.

Bradshaws, Hawke’s Bay

The place to pick up blocks of ice in Hawke’s Bay according to reader Judy, who urged us to visit this artisanal producer near historic Vidals House on the outskirts of Havelock North.

Made with fruit grown in local orchards and, in some cases, coconut milk, the ice packs are vegan and free of gluten, dairy, preservatives (and therefore probably guilt too).

The range of fresh fruit includes real lemonade, raspberry and lime, and black dory, while coconut milk options include chocolate, strawberry, and raspberry.

Poppy’s Handmade Ice Cream Parlor & Cafe, Kaikōura

This Kaikōura glacier should be a local attraction as famous as the whales, according to more than one reader.

“Poppy’s homemade ice cream is to die for! The best flavor is hokey pokey, ”said one.

“And it’s made with eggs and cream and real flavors,” added another.

Starting from a small trailer, Poppy’s now offers some 27 rotating flavors, some of the most popular of which include Triple Chocolate, Lemon Creme, Cream Cookies, Dark Cherry and White Chocolate, Apple and Rhubarb and Turkish delicacies. All ice cream and frozen yogurt are made with real fruit on site, and there are dairy-free and vegan options.

I Scream for Ice Cream is renowned for its wide assortment of ice creams.

David Unwin / Fairfax NZ / Stuff

I Scream for Ice Cream is renowned for its wide assortment of ice creams.

I’m screaming for ice cream, Feilding

Reader Sandy said there were always “huge queues” for the 60+ flavors of ice cream on offer at this family-friendly joint in Feilding. With a retro ice cream parlor / milk bar vibe, I Scream offers traditional dishes, wacky combos and something to satisfy vegans and people with food allergies and intolerances. You’ll also find sundaes, milkshakes, cakes, fudge, and pick ‘n mix lollipops.

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