New cafe opens at 40th and Main, new chocolatier is making waves (and ice cream) in Blue Springs, and soda maker finds home in Midtown


Find out: Transit Coffee opens in Midtown

With Oddly Correct’s move to 4141 Troost Avenue (opening this fall), there was a coffee bean-shaped hole left at the intersection of 40th and Main streets. This prominent space did not remain vacant for long, however. Since this week, Transit cafe now welcomes customers from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. The announcement of its official opening is expected this week.

Transit Coffee is owned by longtime member of KC’s coffee scene, Ben White, as well as two non-executive partners. Previously, he worked and managed Quay Coffee at the River Market, which became Thou Mayest. He also runs the mutual aid Instagram account, @baristakc, along with friends and colleagues, who supported the baristas during the most economically difficult months of the pandemic.

A photo of a Transit Coffee breakfast sandwich

Photo courtesy of Transit Coffee

Transit Coffee currently serves filter coffee as well as a handful of specialty coffee drinks, including lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. This is a multi-roaster store, which means it sources roasted beans and coffee from a variety of different (and mostly local) specialty roasters. Currently, the store’s coffee is sourced from Dogwood Coffee Company (Minneapolis) and has a rotating menu of dishes that includes breakfast sandwiches and pastries from Black Hole Bakery. Once the company completes the approval process, customers will also be able to order beer, wine and cocktails from the bar.

“With this store,” White says, I hope to put into practice the specialty coffee knowledge I gained during my years in the industry, as well as the ethics and philosophy that have guided what we are doing. did at Barista KC. We don’t roast our own coffee, we roast it together. So currently we serve coffees from Dogwood Coffee in Minneapolis; Methodical Café in Greeneville, South Carolina; and Hammerhand Coffee of Liberty, Missouri. It will be a list of constantly growing and rotating roasters and cafes. “

A photo of chocolates from Bliss Chocolatier

Photo courtesy of Bliss Chocolatier

Sweet Side: Bliss Chocolatier should be on your radar. It also now serves ice cream.

Earlier this year, Blue Springs’ Happiness Chocolatier (3100 MO-7), turned many heads when he received a wink just before Valentine’s Day in the Washington Post. This deserves praise for chocolate maker Jessica Washburn. She creates her chocolates, hazelnut caramels, candies and chocolate bars with sustainable ingredients such as couverture chocolate as well as dairy products and fresh local produce. These things both taste good and are completely beautiful as well.

The stuff alone is worth a trip to Blue Springs. But if chocolate alone isn’t enough (and it should), Washburn has experimented with and refined their ice cream recipes – something with a little added appeal when the weather is extremely hot as it has been in recent days. Mint chips (made with real mint), fresh strawberries and blueberries, and even vegan mango-passion fruit sorbet have been featured recently, but the menu will change with the season. Keep an eye out for Bliss’ Instagram for new flavors and new offers.

Bliss Chocolatier is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

A photo of Fancies Gin And Carrot Tonic

Fancy is here to stay. Photo by April Fleming

Now permanent: Ryan Miller and Fancies Sodas & Cocktails are here to stay at the MiniBar

If you missed the one-month pop-up on mini bar (3810 Broadway Boulevard), you can now regularly see what soda maker and longtime bartender / beverage manager Ryan Miller has been working on with his new neighborhood soda bar-meets-craft concept, Fantasies Sodas & Cocktails. Originally scheduled to run for just one month from mid-June, the pop-up bar is now the permanent bar, with the blessing of Shawn Sherrill and Steve Tulipana, owners of the miniBar and RecordBar.

Fancies Soda & Cocktails offers handcrafted cocktails and sodas on tap, as well as bespoke brow and brow snacks like bourbon butter popcorn and freshly grilled hot dogs with homemade pickles. The intention, says Miller, was to create a template for a cozy neighborhood bar that serves affordable but delicious food and drinks.

With Fancies currently serving as the more permanent fixture for the miniBar, Miller plans to continue with the menus he created for the pop-up. Customers can opt for cocktails like carrot gin and tonic (pictured above), whiskey, and tonic, as well as a classic daiquiri and Miller’s excellent Old Fashioned. Miller’s artisanal sodas, enjoyed as is or made into a cocktail, are also available in flavors such as Beetroot Tonic, Carrot Tonic, Strawberry Tonic, Sarsaparilla, Vanilla Berry and Celery and fennel.

the miniBar is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

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