My Town – Food and Delights in Monsoon Brand Nepal 2022 Carnival Edition


Any carnival or celebration is incomplete without delicious food. Brand Nepal 2022, the carnival celebrating Nepalese brands and products, also consists of various authentic Nepali brands offering the tastiest and most original food products to its customers. Organized by Radio Nagarik, the Monsoon Brand Nepal Go Local edition takes place on Saturday, May 21, where you can visit and try various food items from the following brands.

Donut Dip

Dip in Donuts, the first exclusive brand of handmade assorted donuts in Nepal, started with the vision of creating a chain of donut shops. They make donuts, frostings and toppings from scratch with the goal of serving the best quality and freshest donuts. Established in 2017, their first outlet was in Baluwatar. The donut box menu includes different flavors – Chocolate Chip, Homer, Iced Coffee, Chocolate Kitkat, Choco Bomb, Chocolate Coconut, Blueberry & Cream, Vanilla Glaze, Original Glaze, Mustard, Cheesecake, Choco oreo, cinnamon sugar, blueberry and cream, vanilla pastry cream, chocolate marshmallow.

‘Chocolate Bomb’ is the most popular donut right now. It’s a chocolate filled bun that looks like a chocolate lava cake. Apart from their regular donuts, they also make alphabet donuts as per orders. Likewise, on order, they also make donuts or donut towers for different occasions. Plus, they also do donuts depending on the season. Dip in Donuts is also available in different sizes. People can customize the size and shape of the donuts as they wish.

Locomotive chips

Loco Chips is all about celebrating life’s small victories! With the declaration of making Nepalese celebrations more lively and joyful with their great ranges of flavored local fries and dips, they work rigorously to keep the fries tastier, crispier, healthier and consistent. Famous chip flavors are Masala Munch, Cheesy Spicy, Akbare Spicy, Creamy Dreamy, Tomatino. The new chip edition also includes Cheesy, Masala Banana Chips.

Le Monal Chocolates

This brand offers premium homemade dark chocolate at the best price in Nepal. Le Monal has the best quality dark chocolate with a rich flavor that is affordable for everyone. The nuts are roasted to perfection and the salted caramel is on point. It is known for its eco-friendly packaging. There are different flavored assorted chocolates like chocolate bobons, coffee and chocolate, buttercream, walnut, hazelnut, chocolate with almonds, chocolate with coconut, dulcedeleche, chococaramel and chocolate. Oreo.

Chiya Adda

Chiya Adda is popular for its high quality tea. The brand’s passion is reflected in the production and presentation of each cup of tea. It serves up a positively appetizing flavor in every cup. It serves weight loss tea like ginger tea, cinnamon tea, green tea. This place also serves fresh lime soda, lemon iced tea, banana lassi, coffee with pizza, sandwiches and fries, burgers.

Makuse Nepal

This brand has reinvented the authentic and delicious desserts of Nepal, reviving the ancient recipes of Pustakari and Gundpak, passed down from generation to generation, made with the purest materials. The product includes Gundpak Oatmeal Cookies, Oatmeal Pumpkin Seed Cookies, Khuwa Candy, Gundpak Rosewater and Pistachio, Gundpak Mocha, and Gundpak Chocolate Fudge Cookies.

Yeju Chocolate Nepal

Yeju Chocolate sells premium organic dark chocolate with a vegan option. The chocolates are dairy-free and gluten-free. You can also get chocolate with a personalized message and in various themes like birthday and wedding. There are 22 different varieties such as semi-dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, white and milk chocolate (cookies and cream), (almond), (marshmallow). Other chocolates are classified into two categories: 50% dark chocolate and 70% dark chocolate which consist of the flavors; blueberries and almonds, fruits and nuts, cranberries and toast, dark chocolate with almonds.

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