MrBeast and Coprse Husband Collaborate to Launch Feastables Chocolate Bar for Halloween

In an unexpected collaboration just before Halloween, YouTube stars Jimmy “MrBeast” and Corpse Husband released a limited-edition Cookies and Creme bar, to be launched by Feastables.

A snack company owned by MrBeast, Feastables specializes in making different varieties of chocolate bars. The latest will have a white chocolate base and promises to be a delectable treat for fans, making it the perfect Halloween snack.

The Latest MrBeast and Corpse Husband Collab Comes With an Exciting Giveaway

While MrBeast is known for his big-budget collaborations, his latest joint project is certainly surprising. Speaking of Corpse and their latest chocolate release, he said:

“[Corpse] crushed with this one, the design and taste is really crazy”

Feastables’ Cookies and Creme bar is touted as a healthier alternative to chocolates from other major competitors such as Hershey’s. The bar is bright red in color and has white chocolate as its base, with cookie pieces added to the mix.

The packaging is equally attractive. The packaging combines blood red colors on a black background and features the famous Corpse Husband mask.

OUR COLLABORATION WITH @CORPSE_HUSBAND IS HERE 🖤 the limited edition Corpse Bar is a blood red white chocolate with crushed cookie pieces. 1 box = 1 entry into our MISS YOU CORPSE HOODIE contest❗get yours now, only at

Feastables also announced a giveaway prize for selected winners who purchase their limited-edition box. According to the company’s official Twitter account, fans will have the option to receive a special edition Corpse-themed hoodie with every purchase they make:

“1 box = 1 entry in our MISS YOU CORPSE HOODIE contest”

Although Feastables chocolate bars are available in supermarkets such as Walmart, the limited edition Corpse Husband bar can only be purchased from their official website.

A box of 10 bars will cost $29.99, two boxes containing 20 bars will cost $49.99, and three boxes containing 30 bars will cost $74.99. A purchase of three boxes also comes with a Feastables t-shirt.

“EDIBLE CORPSE!” ”: fans react to the collaboration

Their latest project is set to be a smash hit, especially since the two social media stars have managed to amass a large fanbase over the years.

Here are the reactions to the announcement:

@MrBeast @BODY EDIBLE CORPSE! EVERYBODY IS GOING TO EAT THE BODY! ** it’s not really a corpse, it’s a chocolate bar

@MrBeast I never thought I would eat a corpse, but here we are

@MrBeast @BODY I ate an entire box and didn’t vomit!! (don’t try this, my stomach is built differently)

@MrBeast @BODY this is huge because corpse has never released a candy bar before

The Feastables line initially announced six original flavors, namely Chocolate Chip, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Sea Salt, Original Chocolate, Quinoa Crunch, and Chocolate Almond. All flavors are available online or in select stores.

Feastables isn’t the only F&B project owned by MrBeast. In 2020, the YouTube star announced Beast Burgers. Earlier this year, they even launched a physical location that allowed customers to dine in or take out their favorite dishes.

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