Mjölnir makes a notable appearance at the Ganachery

Credit: Disney

It takes someone worthy to lift Mjölnir, Thor’s mighty hammer. It will take someone equally worthy to eat The Ganachery’s latest treat! The indulgent Disney Springs chocolatier has outdone himself with his all-chocolate Mjölnir replica.

Known for their decadent treats, these chocolate wizards constantly outdo themselves with their creative, limited-run treats. This amazing confection is no different. With a solid chocolate handle and a shimmering holy milk chocolate base, this treat is anything but typical. Inside the base of the hammers you will find several mini chocolates as well as the secret of the hammers lighting streaks!

Ready to prove you’re worthy of god-worthy chocolate? You’ll want to hurry, this treat is limited edition and won’t last forever. You’ll want to make sure to bring a worthy wallet if you plan to try this candy, it’s $35 and limited to two per person.

After proving you can wield (and digest) Mjölnir, head to AMC Disney Springs 24 to see the new Thor: Love and Thunder movie. Thor has embarked on a journey of epic proportions – the journey to inner peace. His quest is interrupted, however, when he learns of a plot to destroy the gods and must race against time to save them. Along the way, he calls on Korg and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who, in a heroic and inexplicable feat, wields Mjölnir! Marvel Studios’ latest film is an action-packed one-minute thrill through the bifrost of Asgard that you won’t want to miss!

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