Mike O’Brian’s vending machine dilemma solved

It happens to all of us when we try to get that item out of the vending machine at work! I just got this craving for some red vines and it turns out that there was one package left in the machine at that time. I received my money, put it in, pushed D1 and with great anticipation waited for the packet to drop and enjoy!

Well, to my dismay, they got stuck! Like everyone else, I tried rocking the machine back and forth hoping it would fall. However, it was a new and bigger vending machine that I was not used to and even with all my might I couldn’t get it to move! And don’t believe I didn’t try at least two or three times from every angle to get this machine moving… it just wasn’t happening!

So the best thing to do was to send an e-mail to all employees to inform them that if indeed the red vines fell, they could open the package, remove one for themselves, then return the rest of the package to ME!

I waited for days and even went to the kitchen where the distributor would call home to see if the package was still there or by chance I could muster more strength than I had when they were initially stuck to get the red vines fall… and again, it wasn’t going to happen!

Finally, after days of waiting, a colleague approached me with the unopened bag of red vines! Uh, the best day of my life! I asked how was that possible when I couldn’t even get the machine to move? She had told me that the vending machine guy had come to stock up. Still, I noticed that the bag had not been punctured, so without hesitation I offered a licorice string, but the colleague said that simply returning the bag to its rightful owner was enough!

I know we’ve all had those moments at the vending machine where this happened, but my question would be: How long did you have to wait? And it always happens when these are the last coins you have in your pocket! Needless to say this is a story we can all share and we all have our own “vending machine” stories…but luckily mine had a happy ending!

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