Messina Brings Her Baking Super Sticky Hot Bun Scrolls Home For Easter

There’s no meal that can’t be enhanced with dessert – yes, even breakfast – and no special occasion either. It’s all in the wheelhouse of Gelato Messina, and he is very fond of posting special offers to make the holidays even tastier. Latest example: the chain’s Easter offer, which brings back its popular 2021 snack pack. Even better: if you’ve ever wanted to crack a Messina Easter egg, that’s on the menu too.

Your taste buds may already remember Messina’s hot cross bun version of the brand’s sticky snails — and they can savor it again this year. Basically, it’s the brand’s take on a Cinnabon-style roll, then combined with an Easter favourite. This is another one of Messina’s limited releases, and it will be available in all of its stores for a very short time.

Wondering what exactly Messina hot bun sticky snail entails? Well, this spicy and sticky cross bread dough is filled with chocolate chips and vanilla custard. Crucially, raisins aren’t included — but it’s topped with a cinnamon malt caramel.

The sweet bite to eat at home can only be ordered online on Monday, April 4. She’ll set you back $65, which also includes a one-liter tub of the brand’s triple choc gelato hot tub – which includes milk chocolate gelato, toasted white chocolate mousse and Ecuadorian dark chocolate crack.

Or, also available at the same time – and for the same price – is the Messina Easter Egg. Made from single-origin 44% cocoa couverture chocolate, the 420-gram egg is packed with even more sweet treats. Open it up and you’ll find white chocolate and milk chickens, white chocolate and passion fruit gel fried eggs, caramelized white chocolate and waffle mini eggs, and brioche bites. milk chocolate.

Messina now opens orders at different times for different locations, so you’ll want to log in at 9am for Queensland and Australian Capital Territory stores, 9.30am for Victorian stores and 10am, 10.30am or 11am depending on location Where are you. in New South Wales.

Once you have placed your pre-order, pickup will be available between Thursday April 14 and Sunday April 17 from your chosen location in Messina.

And, once you’ve brought the sticky snail home safely, all you need to do is put it in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 160 degrees and you’re done.

The Gelato Messina Easter Snack Packs and Easter Eggs are available to order from Monday April 4 and can be picked up between Thursday April 14 and Sunday April 17. Visit the Messina website for more details.

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