Meet the Creator: Cocoa Wonderland

I’m Kate, the smile behind Cocoa Wonderland on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.

A little bit about me: some of my favorite activities include bike rides in the sun, picnics and preparing tasty meals. Food goddess Anna Jones is my absolute favorite chef.

Cocoa has been my place of work and leisure for 20 years! In addition to managing the chocolate factory and the confectionery, I also make chocolate in my small chocolate factory to sell it in my shop. You will also find my chocolate at other wonderful places in Sheffield including Annie Judes in Hillsborough, Sheffield Makers Hunters Bar, Walkley Press and Porter Brook Deli.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere and connecting with each client means a lot to me.

I aim for everyone who visits Cocoa to leave happier than when they arrived.

Most of Cocoa’s business focuses on the seasons (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter). During quieter times I do a lot of planning and being prepared for the hectic times is vital. I still live in future seasons; in summer, I often sunbathe thinking of chocolate Santa Clauses!

Three facts about us:

  1. In 2014, we created Cocoa Wonderland beer in collaboration with Thornbridge to mark our 10th anniversary. The plan was for it to be a limited edition, almost 8 years later it is part of their main line and sold worldwide!
  2. Next time you buy a nice hot chocolate and don’t finish it (they are extremely rich), put it in the fridge and after a few hours it magically turns into a delicious dessert you can eat at home. spoon ! Yum yum!
  3. Did you know that our large (slightly weathered!) pink Cocoa Chocolate Wonderland sign on the front of the shop was painted by the legendary Steve Millington, aka “Lord Dunsby”. He was an extremely talented illustrator, artist and writer who worked with top establishments including Fortnums and Sheffield gems including JH Mann Sheffield.

Since the pandemic, I’ve learned to appreciate what I have now, rather than constantly living in the future.

Even though I have simplified the business, I still find it exhausting to run alone and so my goal for now is to take better care of myself. For years, I didn’t take care of myself, I put cocoa first and me second… I sucked at lunch breaks and had trouble disconnecting on my days off. I didn’t feel well and I didn’t know why.

I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, which explained a lot of my symptoms and was somewhat of a relief. I have found that if I don’t take care of myself, the symptoms get worse. So since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to be kind to myself (my head as well as my body). Thanks to this, my condition is now under control, and by doing less and resting more, I am actually more productive than before!

I melt, temper, flavor and mold couverture chocolate to make Cocoa chocolate.

The couverture is a high quality chocolate, often in button form. It is available in a range of cocoa strengths and flavors from many cocoa growing regions around the world. It also comes in a rainbow of colors too! It may sound simple, but chocolate is very difficult and there are a lot of variables and skills involved in getting it right.

When I have time, I want to increase my online offerings. I know it has great potential and it’s something I need to work on and add to my to-do list!

When you buy something or have something bought for you at Cocoa, it’s an extra special treat and not something you have every day. I think a little fantasy does you good

For Easter, the popular “Fill Your Own” Easter Eggs are back!

Due to the fragility of molded Easter treats, packaging can often be very expensive and include a lot of very stiff single-use plastic. We are proud to say that our Cocoa Easter Eggs have very minimal packaging. You can create a personalized Easter gift for someone special by choosing from anything in the store. We will assemble it for you and package it to look nice.

The choices are endless, including over 50 varieties of chocolates from the cabinet, over 40 kinds of candies in jars, mini chocolate bars, and cute novelties wrapped in foil.

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Cocoa Wonderland, 462 Ecclesall Road, Broomhall, Sheffield S11 8PX

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