Maltesers Debuts Dark Chocolate With Low Sugar Range | New

Maltesers launches into dark chocolate.

The Mars brand has unveiled a quartet of dark chocolate references said to contain 65% more cocoa and 35% less sugar than its main milk chocolates.

The range includes 32g individual packs, 59g treat sachets, 88g sachets and 163g ‘More to Share’ packs (rsp: 66p-£2.79).

Mars said dark chocolate was the brand’s “most requested new flavor”, adding that NPD offered an “intense cocoa experience”.

It was “about time to finally create Dark Maltesers because fans have been asking us to bring out this flavor for years,” said Maltesers Brand Manager Leah Dyckes.

They will be deployed on mults from June 20.

Mars has expanded the Maltesers brand with a series of spin-offs and new flavors over the past few years.

Last year, for example, the Maltese rolled out a range of orange buttons to exploit the in vogue for orange chocolatee. The Grocer also reported that Mars is considering a potential spin-off called “Malts” after Mars applied to register the name with the Intellectual Property Office.

Before that, in 2020, it added a line of mint-flavored buttons and expanded into the cookie aisle with a line of cookies made by Burton’s.

The news comes after a strong year for staple chocolate: Maltesers added £12.7m to sales last year, up 7% to £195.7m over the year ending January 1, 2022. [NielsenIQ].

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