Make your kids happy in the morning with these healthy breakfast foods


New Delhi: Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, and starting your day without one is like trying to fly a kite without wind. A nutritious breakfast is essential for children not only to start the day right, but also to recharge their batteries after sleep, as their brains and bodies are still developing.

The most difficult task for parents is to ensure that their children eat a nutritious breakfast. About 20 to 30 percent of young people skip meals, which is why a breakfast for them should be quick, easy, filling and, most importantly, delicious.

Aditya Bagri, Manager of Bagrry’s, shares delicious and healthy breakfast options for your kids:

Wheat bran pancakes

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Pancakes and waffles are the breakfast of champions (when it comes to fixing our taste buds), but it doesn’t have to be all unhealthy. Wheat bran, along with atta and oats, is a great substitute for maida. Just change the grain and add a lot more fiber and protein to your child’s breakfast. You can also sweeten the dough with honey, jaggery, and bananas instead of sugar, as well as a little cocoa powder.

Quinoa Upma

Like a vegetarian breakfast, why not add quinoa instead of suji to your children’s Upma? It contains much more protein and fiber as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

Peanut Butter & Whole Grain Toast

A simple combo of peanut butter and toast is great for kids. Make sure to use real whole grain toast and unsweetened peanut butter, topped with a few bananas for extra sweetness. You can even sprinkle with honey or chia seeds for extra crunch.

Oat Idli

Idli are an all-time breakfast favorite – why not replace the white rice base with oats with dal, adding more fiber, more protein, and better energy.

Chocolate muesli

Chocolate cereals are often loaded with sugar. For older kids, muesli is a much better choice, loaded with whole grains, nuts, berries, and a lot less sugar. It gives energy for the whole day and does not require any preparation time.

Banana and berry smoothie

If parents are short on time to prepare breakfast, portable breakfasts for eating on the go are a great option. The easiest sugar-free takeout for kids is a simple mix of bananas, berries, oats, and a drizzle of milk. Just mix it all up and it has the fuel you need to start your day.

Night oats

These are easy to prepare and healthy. Prepare them in mason jars the night before and let your child personalize this dish with their favorite toppings. You should mix about 1/4 cup (26 grams) of oatmeal and 1/2 cup (120ml) of milk of your choice in a small mason jar. Garnish with nuts, grated coconut, chia seeds and dried or fresh fruit. Instead of cooking them, leave the jar in the refrigerator and let the oatmeal soften overnight.

Pumpkin-quinoa porridge:

Quinoa is a quick-cooking, gluten-free cereal, and this breakfast porridge is packed with vitamin A. Boil one part quinoa with two parts milk of any type and cook for 10 minutes. over medium-low heat. Stir in a little pumpkin, cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg and simmer. Garnish with brown sugar, chopped nuts or grated coconut before serving.

Berry yogurt parfaits

Layer protein-rich Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a pinch of granola for an easy, on-the-go meal.


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