Luker Chocolate enters the booming oat milk bar market with a series of healthier options



Luker Chocolate, an ethically-based Colombian company, has released its latest set of bars containing oat milk and organic sugar in response to the continued growth in the market for healthier confectionary options, reports Neill Barston.

The company’s Balance series includes new blankets in the functional category, with additional benefits such as high fiber and antioxidant content, being part of its larger portfolio which has received new packaging designs for the industry. catering.

As the upscale South American brand explained, its confectionery line comes under the banner of several segments – divided into regions, heritage recipes, maracas and balance – honors Luker’s connection to origin and l commitment to sustainable development. This gives customers access to some of the best chocolates in Colombia.

According to the company, its latest 43% oat milk chocolate comes as demand for the category has “skyrocketed” in the past year, with sales increasing by 70%. As has been noted, many plant-based chocolate options to date have primarily consisted of high-quality dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 50% or more.

Now, due to the creamy consistency of oat milk, consumers without products can also feast on a range of milk chocolates, its latest series boasting the flavor of Cacao Fino de Aroma.

As the company added, consumers are looking for healthier options and sugar-free or sugar-free alternatives, but still want an indulgent treat that doesn’t sacrifice taste. Dark chocolate has well-documented antioxidant qualities, but there are still too few sugar-free options.

In response to this, the company also developed a dark chocolate with 70% Stevia and Erythritol, offering more natural and sugar-free options. These sugar-free dark chocolate blankets meet consumer expectations for flavor, without compromising on wellness benefits.

In addition, the range is completed by its dark chocolate with 70% coconut sugar, where the notes of bitter cocoa mingle with the delicate flavors of coconut, offering an alternative source of sugar.

Paul Morris, European Sales Manager at Luker Chocolate, said: “Oat milk is extremely popular with consumers who are trying to cut down on dairy, as well as those who just love the taste! The sweetness of milk pairs perfectly with our fine Colombian cocoa, which together creates a delicious, plant-based alternative to premium milk chocolate.

“More generally, the launch of our Balance line reflects what we are seeing in the market – we expect demand for healthier, more forgiving products to remain strong. “

Marcela Jaramillo, vice president of marketing, Luker Chocolate, explained that the company was “incredibly proud” to significantly expand its portfolio to healthier options.

She said: “We are delighted to see the growing consumer interest in a healthier lifestyle and how this has energized the chocolate industry. The Balance range is our response to these well-being requirements. At Luker, we are committed to creating luxury chocolate that satisfies flavor and sets the stage for sustainability.

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