L’Amour, a luxury dessert studio in Chennai, serves plated desserts that look like art and taste like

Caramel ganache cake & mango compote

Swipe right for L’Amour – Chennai’s brand new luxury dessert studio at Rutland Gate, Nungambakkam. With plated gourmet desserts that you can savor on demand, as part of a “dessert crawl” or a bite of one of their heavenly-looking artisan chocolates in eight flavors like Pistachio Lime and Wasabi – we are quickly seduced. Extra points for the “pink sofa” which makes us feel like Valentine’s Day even though it’s the end of September.

The 16-seater compact (including outdoors) is owned by partners Aishwarya Selvaraj, a dermatologist with a penchant for food and travel and restaurateur Nikhil Moturi (Crimson Chakra and Sorgam). Although Nikhil informs us, “Work has already started to increase our seating capacity as people are now sitting in their cars when they cannot get a seat.”

The Dulce Scandal

Foam me up
Luckily, we had no trouble getting one as we skipped dinner and headed out early to do justice to the indulgence that awaited us. We start with the fastest engine on the menu – The Deceptive King of L’Amour (expect Victorian-sounding names straight out of a Bridgerton novel). It appears to be a chocolate sphere with a mirror glaze. A tablespoon and we can enjoy a moist cake with a pairing of caramel ganache and fresh mango compote – a couple of flavors that surprises and delights. Those who love decadent notes like these might also enjoy Banoffee Citadel – packing layers of rich caramel chocolate mousse and caramelized banana.

Strawberry mousse cake

surprise strawberry
On the other hand, the strawberry mousse cake with an airy strawberry crème fraîche. Tropical and refreshing, this one called L’Amour Heart Affair is turning heads with its striking red exterior, making it an instant Instagram photo op. Meanwhile, you can devour the whole thing in a flash and still have room for two biryanis afterwards. Perfect for a pick-me-up on a hot, sticky day. Each dessert also comes with six to eight elements on the plate to provide a mix of aesthetics and texture – think macaroons, sponge cake, fresh strawberries, edible petals and granola crumble.

Callebaut dream
We save the best for last. And it’s OMG-worthy hot chocolate. We opt for the dark variant, although there is also a milk chocolate option. Thick and dreamy, like velvet – the recipe uses Belgian Callebaut as the main ingredient, but the rest is top secret. However, it’s a potent love potion for just $300. Sip, swirl, sigh…

Open only in the evening, from 4 p.m. to midnight. Plated desserts INR 275 to INR 675. Chocolates at INR 80, macaroons at INR 75.

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