Läderach launches a new collection of fresh premium vegan chocolates

22 Varieties of Vegan Chocolate Now Available Online and in 40 Stores Across the U.S. and Canada

NEW YORK, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From its iconic FrischSchoggi™ (large slabs of fresh chocolate bark), bars to chocolate-covered popcorn, Läderach Chocolatier Suisse today announced the availability of new vegan chocolates in these varieties. In addition to the existing pure and selected dark chocolate with fruit and nuts, Läderach’s new vegan chocolates include cashew milk instead of dairy milk, coconut blossom sugar instead of sugar and no preservatives. Coconut blossom sugar comes from Indonesia (organic quality), cashew milk from Vietnamand cocoa beans from Ecuador and Ghana. Product innovation is led by World Chocolate Master Elias Läderach. The new collection of vegan chocolates with a specially marked “Vegan Taste Approved” packaging sticker includes:

  • Creamy cashew bar ($9.90 | $11.50) – Pure vegan chocolate made with cashew milk and coconut blossom sugar.
  • FrischSchoggi™ Vegan Cashews ($14.90 per 1/4lb | $14.90 per 100g) – Whole roasted and caramelized cashews are mixed with pure vegan cashew milk chocolate. Available by weight and in a small bag combined with other Läderach vegan dark chocolates.
  • Small Vegan FrischSchoggi™ Pouch ($32.85 and $37.25) – The following FrischSchoggi vegan chocolates are included: FrischSchoggi™ Grand Cru 70%, FrischSchoggi™ Dark Almond, FrischSchoggi™ Dark Mulberry, FrischSchoggi™ Vegan Cashew, FrischSchoggi™ Orange-Dark Almond and FrischSchoggi™ Dark Pistachio
  • Creamy Vegan Cashew Popcorn ($17.50 and $19.90) – Caramelized popcorn coated in vegan dark chocolate and creamy cashews.

“Our Läderach team is proud to offer the vegan community delicious new, fresh premium artisan vegan chocolates, made in-house and delivered direct from Swiss,” said Nathanael HausmannPresident, Läderach North America. “Thanks to our unique ingredients and extreme attention to craftsmanship, our new vegan chocolates can unlock an enriching sensory experience for five and complement any occasion well, synonymous with our existing Läderach premium chocolate collection.”

Other pure and selected dark chocolates with fruits and nuts that are suitable for vegans include:


  • FrischSchoggi™ Grand Cru Brazil 70% Cocoa
  • FrischSchoggi™ Grand Cru Madagascar 64% Cocoa Lemon
  • FrischSchoggi™ Orange-Almond Dark
  • FrischSchoggi™ Almond Dark
  • FrischSchoggi™ Blackberry
  • FrischSchoggi™ Pistachio Dark
  • FrischSchoggi™ Hazelnut Dark


  • Praline Pavé
  • Grand Cru cobblestones – 8 pieces per box


  • Orange sticks with dark chocolate
  • Orange slices with dark chocolate
  • dark blanket
  • Dark chocolate rock
  • Dark Chocolate Chocolate Flakes
  • Ginger sticks with dark chocolate

Shelf bars

  • Tablet Grand Cru Ecuador 70% – Single Origin
  • Grand Cru Madagascar 64% tablet – Single Origin
  • Tablet Grand Cru Trinidad 80% – Single Origin


  • Grand Cru Squares (Canada only)

About Läderach Chocolatier Switzerland

In business since 1962, Läderach Chocolatier Suisse is a family-owned premium Swiss chocolate company dedicated to creating sweet moments of joy in everyday life. As the largest chocolate retailer in Swiss with approximately 1,300 employees representing more than 50 nationalities and more than 100 retail stores worldwide, Läderach has grown rapidly to 40 stores across North America in 2.5 years. Swiss quality is reflected in Läderach’s control over the entire value chain, from bean to bar to store. Läderach uses only the best ingredients thanks to strong relationships with the best suppliers. Läderach produces more than 100 varieties of chocolate, including more than 20 varieties of FrischSchoggi™ (large slabs of fresh chocolate bark), more than 50 different pralines and truffles, dozens of confectionery specialties, vegan varieties and a wide selection of seasonal creations. To learn more about its stores, chocolates and careers, visit www.laderach.com.

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