Key trends driving the growth of the rich and delicious chocolate industry in India



Chocolate makes you happy – and it is a fact. The aromatic, decadent and melting texture of chocolates can weaken the knees. In fact, the only robust scent of dark chocolate paired with sweet, chewy raisins or roasted coffee can give you cravings that don’t go away until you bite into a rich, creamy chocolate.

India’s chocolate industry strives to make all your chocolate dreams come true! From crispy cookies and irresistible molded candies to silk-smooth chocolate bars, the chocolate industry is more nuanced than one might imagine and is growing rapidly with the increasing purchasing power of consumers. consumers and changing tastes and preferences.

Let’s dive into the main trends driving the growth of the chocolate industry in India:

Sweetest gift ever

Birthdays, festivals, weddings or anniversaries – name the occasion, and there’s a box of chocolates for it! Chocolates are the new must-have gift option, and for good reason. Most Indian sweets, mainly those made from khoya, have a fairly short shelf life.

In contrast, chocolates (whether milk or dark chocolate, the shelf life does not change) have a longer shelf life. With innovative new brands offering a wide variety and range of chocolates, the popularity of chocolates in the gift space is sure to grow.

Many brands tap into their pool of creativity and present exotic and luxurious gift boxes and personalized chocolate treats for all special occasions. Thanks to the constant evolution of the segment, Assorted Chocolates has proven to be the fastest growing sub-segment, accounting for 42% of the total space. To make the celebrations sweeter, chocolates are nothing less than a heavenly gift choice, and consumers agree!

Chocolates have always been a privileged gift, both for the recipient and for the giver. Today, the variety of baskets available and the fact that the majority of them can be personalized make gifts and entertaining even more intimate and personal.

Do you know someone who wants to eat healthy? A basket with chocolate coated nuts and freeze dried fruit would be perfect. Coffee lover? A basket with coffee chocolates, coffee crisps and a gourmet coffee pot would make their day.

An eco-conscious friend would love the baskets in a box made from eco-friendly materials like banana fiber (it could be reused as well). Think about it, and your favorite chocolatier can do it for you.

Captivating flavors and textures

When you think of chocolates today, it’s not just this bar of happiness that comes to mind. Chocolatiers transform the experience of eating chocolate with captivating flavors and textures, from something as simple as crispy bunches with crispy rice or an orange infused chocolate bar to distinct flavor profiles – such as cocoa butter couverture chocolate with praline offering tantalizing notes of cardamom, sea salt, blueberry, hazelnut, raisin and much more.

Understanding the increasingly sophisticated palettes of Indian consumers, brands continue to experiment with chocolate, bringing deliciously refreshing sensory delights like chocolates with a hint of chili or chocolate and tea. Such multisensory experiences through chocolate are expected to further drive demand and contribute to the industry’s growth trajectory.

Make snacks sweeter

After years of snacking namkeens and chips, Indians are displaying an exciting change in their preferences. Chocolate is quickly becoming his favorite snack product, a trend that is leading to multiple buying cycles and increased consumption. But, what led to the emergence of chocolate as a snack option?

Here again, the delicious diversification of offerings comes into play. Brands offer a flurry of snack-like sweets such as bark, coated nuts, sugared almonds, and more. Consumers are embracing this trend and chocolate snacking is here to stay. Many brands also offer variations filled with nutritious nuts and seeds, contributing to satiety without an unhealthy binge.

Gone are the days when the concept of chocolate was just a journey from the bean to the bar. Today, not all chocolates are created equal and not all taste the same.

Brands are now looking for more options for next-generation consumers, including low-fat chocolates, vegan chocolates, sugar-free chocolates, and more. With new innovations and hyper-growth on the horizon, the future of India’s chocolate industry is not only bright; this is delicious!

Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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