Kajol enjoys these sweet and delicious desserts on his birthday; Looked


Kajol’s birthday celebration this year is a gala moment as she remains busy receiving good wishes from friends and family. The actress is also busy receiving treats for her day and she can’t thank enough for these sweet treats. Kajol is big on food. If she puts the right things on her plate, her heart is won. On his birthday, Kajol drools over four bowls of delicious crème brûlée with fresh strawberries on them. Kajol posted the photo to Instagram Stories and thanked the chef for “adding sweetness to the day.”

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(Kajol’s Instagram story)

Crème brûlée is a French delicacy that is a popular dish around the world. The pudding cream is a creamy delight that you can’t help but savor. Although it has a humble appearance, whipping it requires a good understanding of cooking techniques.

While this is just one of those celebrations Kajol seems to be having, his day continues with more surprises and treats from filmmaker Karan Johar. The actress showed us a preview of the giveaway in Stories and we knew the giveaway contained sweet treats. Heaps of boxes full of chocolates and cake jars watched us from the video. She wrote: “Thank you very much Karan Johar. I love you in pieces.”


Instagram story by Kajol

If Kajol’s gifts make us a little jealous, it’s justified. But why sit quietly with our desires? Here are some dessert recipes to make at home:

1. Chocolate Coated Strawberries

These are delicious everyday treats that are super easy to prepare.


Cover them with a delicious chocolate

2.Homemade chocolate

All we need is condensed milk and cocoa powder. This two-ingredient recipe is a rare find.


Make delicious chocolate balls

3.Perfect with chocolate and nuts

    This one is easy and incredibly delicious. Use dark chocolate, whipping cream, and crushed nuts for a decadent taste.

    4.Vanilla cupcakes

    It’s simple, elegant and delicious. If chocolate is not our thing, we can opt for vanilla cupcakes without hesitation.

    vanilla cupcakes

    5. Strawberry chia pudding

    Hassle-free, quick and healthy, that’s all this dish is. It’s a guilt-free dessert if we need it.

    Let’s all enjoy our sweets.

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