Japanese KitKat Bears are debuting exclusively in Japan, but are they any good?

Join us as we step inside this limited edition box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Just last week we heard that Japan will be getting an all new KitKat not available anywhere else in the world. So as soon as they went on sale at 10:00 a.m. Japan time on January 24, we were ready and set to buy a box online.

It’s lucky we made our purchase when sales started as the boxes sold out online soon after, and now they’re becoming even more sought after than before.

▼ The new KitKat everyone wants to get their hands on is the Bear full of heart.

This box of six chocolates cost us 498 yen (US$4.32) plus postage, and according to Nestlé, they’re only being sold for a limited time to coincide with Valentine’s Day, which is a major celebration of the chocolate in Japan.

The box is covered in love hearts and even has the word “Love” on it, so it both reads “Have a KitKat” and “Love a KitKat” the same time.

This is the first time Japan has received a KitKat that isn’t shaped like a long wafer or a bite-sized ball, and the character they went with for that first special moment. is a soft teddy bear.

▼ “Pretty milk chocolate wafer in the center” is exactly how we love our bears.

Looking inside the box reveals even more love hearts to make the object of your affections feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The chocolates are all individually wrapped and each measures approximately the length of one finger and the width of two.

Each teddy bear comes with “KitKat” stamped on his feet and a heart-shaped balloon above his head that carries one of three messages: “I ♡ you“, “For you” Where “Thank you!

▼ Surprisingly, our box was almost completely filled with love, with no thank you message and just a “For U”

You’d think these messages of love from the adorable bears would make us feel bad for eating them, but no – no, they didn’t. Instead, they made us even more curious to find out what they were waiting for us inside.

▼ Pulling out a sharp knife, we sliced ​​through a balloon heart and found…a classic KitKat wafer!

These teddy bears were molded beautifully and the chocolate yielded with a satisfying snap under the knife.

There was no skimping on the wafer here, as it stretched all the way through the chocolate from toe to toe, or should we say, toe to butt.

We put the bear’s head in our mouths and were immediately surprised by the quality of the chocolate. For some reason chocolates with character like this often make us think they are made with lesser quality chocolate, but that was definitely not the case here.

▼ The wafer was fresh and crispy, while the chocolate was dark, bitter and irresistibly smooth.

In fact, the Heartful Bear looked even better than a regular chocolate Kit Kat. We thought it was because there seemed to be more chocolate wrapped around the wafer than a regular barwhich allowed us to really appreciate the taste of the chocolate, while the wafer played a more subtle melody in the background.

It’s a KitKat we’ll definitely buy again, so it’s a shame Heartful Bear is only available for a limited time. Still, now that the KitKat character has made her debut here, we can’t wait to see if there will be more cute characters in the future.

With so many unusual KitKat flavors here in Japan, imagine if we could get a KitKat edamame milkshake shaped like real edamame? Or a barrel-shaped KitKat aged whiskey cask? If you’re reading this, Nestlé, please make it happen!

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