I compared the Easter eggs to see if there is a difference between the cheapest and the most expensive

Easter eggs are big business, but you don’t need to spend money on spoiling your kids this year. The market is worth over £220million, with sales increasing every year as the choice of eggs in stores widens, with new ranges being added all the time.

Cadbury Creme eggs are still the most popular with over 500 million sold each year, or 3.5 for every person in the UK. Whether you want to stock up in advance or just treat yourself to a chocolate treat, what’s important to know is that you’re getting the best possible deal on your Easter egg. So we’ve looked at a range of eggs from most expensive to least expensive to find out exactly what you’re getting for your money.

The first eggs were actually chicken or duck eggs which were decorated and painted brightly at home with vegetable dye and charcoal. It was not until the 17th and 18th centuries that the manufacture of egg-shaped toys given to children at Easter was seen being made, and the Victorians began the tradition of giving their children elaborate satin-covered eggs. filled with gifts and chocolates.

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The first ‘decorated’ eggs were plain shells accented with chocolate piping and marzipan flowers, and Cadbury’s first dairy milk egg was launched in 1905. It’s a market that’s grown every year since, and today oday, you’ll find rows and rows of eggs in all shapes and sizes at every major retailer.

We went to Tesco to take a look at the most expensive and cheapest eggs on sale there to find out how much you get for your money.


Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate Egg 460g

Cost: £15, £12 with a Tesco Club Card

What’s inside: An egg and two Lindt bunnies – one large and one small. There is also a lot of packaging.

It was the contents of the big Lindt box

Verdict: “The box is by far one of the largest on sale and looks extremely impressive with its bright colors and images of bunnies on the front. We actually measured the box as we were shocked at how small the contents were at inside, compared to the size of the box which measured 35cm by 25cm.

“Our initial excitement at what was inside turned to shock when we discovered it was mostly filled with wrappers for a medium sized egg measuring around 16cm in height, a large Lindt bunny and a small Lindt bunny The chocolate is very good but it was upsetting to see how much wasted wrapper was used We were very disappointed to have paid £15 or even £12 with the Tesco offer clubcard, because it feels like you’re paying more for the box than the egg itself.

Galaxy Truffle

Milk chocolate Galaxy Truffles 292g

Cost: £10 or £8 with a Tesco Club Card

What’s inside: An egg and a small box with 12 truffles inside

Verdict: “The dark packaging looks classy and sophisticated and stands out on the shelf. Not too much of a disappointment when opening the box as there is a nice amount of truffles included in a small box with the egg. The chocolate is a little too heavy for me but the rest of the family really enjoyed the treat and at £8 with a club card it’s nice to be able to keep the price under £10.”


Milk chocolate hollow egg 262g

Cost: £8

What’s inside: An egg and a box of nine assorted chocolates

Verdict: “The egg is dark chocolate and decorated in pink color. The packaging is quite old fashioned, but would make a lovely treat for an older parent. The egg is separate and there is a lovely box of nine assorted Thornton chocolates in a small box. Flavors include gooey caramel, soft caramel and creamed strawberries. It’s very nicely presented and the chocolate melts in your mouth, not bad for £8 if you want to treat a family member .

Mini eggs

Milk chocolate hollow egg 130g

Cost: £1

What’s inside:An egg with a bag of 11 solid milk chocolate eggs in a crispy sugar shell.

Verdict: “Mini eggs have always been a bit popular in our household, and how can you go wrong with a £1 egg? My mum’s favourite, she always bought her grandchildren a Mini Egg treat at Easter, and she would certainly have approved of that.. Nice colorful wrapper that you would be happy to have on the buffet as the children are looking forward to Easter Sunday.The small bag included in the box contains 11 eggs which is not bad for the price, especially since the egg is also a decent size.”


Milk chocolate egg 129g

Cost: £1

What’s inside: An egg with a KitKat Chunky snack bar

Verdict: “Another one a great value egg for just £1. Nicely packaged, the snack-sized bar is a good size and the egg is just the right size to treat kids without making them sick. This would be ideal if you are buying in bulk for an event, and the recipients would not be disappointed. It’s also good to see that packaging has been kept to a minimum.”


Vegan and gluten-free chocolate egg 80g

Cost: £3

What’s inside: A creamy chocolate egg with a monster lollipop and six activities you can get the kids to do.

Verdict: “It’s nice to see the ranges for people with allergies or dietary requirements are increasing. This one stood out and would be especially nice for young children who need something diary and free of The chocolate tastes good, it’s presented in a fun way and the activities inside the box are worth paying the £3.”

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