Hotel Chocolat: What is a chocolate beer?

You heard right, chocolate is no longer confined to truffles

We love experimenting with chocolate. In fact, we created everything from Lime chocolate truffles and Red wine truffles to whole new kinds of chocolate. (Try our vegan 45% nut milk and 65% Supermilk). Our chocolatiers have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. And all these experiments made us want to go even further. We have created a range of cocoa care products, Planer 1745and even cocoa drinks like our Chocolate cream liqueur. But what continues to amaze is our chocolate beer.

Here’s why we never get tired of this refreshing and original drink.


What is chocolate beer?

As it says on the box, chocolate beer is like your regular beer. However, it contains bitter, nuanced cocoa tones alongside (or instead of) your typical botanicals, like juniper berries and rosemary.

To achieve these chocolate tones, brewers ferment beer with cocoa (the raw components of the cocoa bean). Different levels and intensities of chocolate flavor are achieved by adding cocoa at different stages of the beer-making process. For example, the early introduction of cocoa tends to result in a subtle cocoa flavor. To create a richer chocolate taste, you’d better add it later in the beer brewing process.

Chocolate beers are usually porters, brown ales and stouts. However, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate cocoa into a variety of beer. When making our chocolate beer, we wanted to see how a touch of cocoa tasted like two different types of beer. We opted for a Porter-style dark ale – our Cocoa Beerand a fruity pale ale – our Cocoa Blonde. We love how cocoa contributes to the unique flavor of each beer.

Does chocolate beer always contain real cocoa?

It should be noted that some beers may list chocolate notes without containing or being brewed with real cocoa. Indeed, the unique blend of botanicals imparts notes that resemble a chocolate flavor, despite the fact that this flavor is created by a combination of other ingredients.

At Hotel Chocolat, we couldn’t create our own chocolate beer without using the same quality, ethical cocoa that we use in our irresistible chocolates. We actually use leftover cocoa shells from the making of our chocolates in our cocoa beers. We find it a fantastic way to reduce our food waste and make something uniquely delicious.


What does chocolate beer taste like?

If you’re worried that chocolate beer tastes like other chocolate drinks you’ve tried in the past – like chocolate milkshakes, mochasor hot chocolate – Do not worry. As delicious as these drinks may be (we certainly appreciate a velvety hot chocolate), chocolate beer usually has a much more subtle cocoa flavor.

To best describe the unique taste of chocolate beer, we have to introduce you to our own cocoa beers. Get ready to try our classic Cocoa Beer and our fruitiest Cocoa Blonde.

Cocoa Beer

Our cocoa beer is a porter-style dark ale. This is the perfect chocolate beer for those who prefer their drinks less sweet. Taste the fabulous malty notes and bitter chocolate undertones of our repurposed cocoa shells. We love this well-hopped beer with its subtle touch of roasted cocoa. You might never have thought that a cocoa beer would become your new go-to. But this cleverly crafted drink just might change your mind.

Cocoa Blonde

Our Cocoa Blonde is a pale and fruity ale from the West Indies with a fabulous malty touch. Our very own cacao plantation is on the tropical island of St. Lucia, where bright, juicy mangoes and fragrant coconuts grow alongside our cacao trees. With our Cocoa Blonde, we wanted to reproduce this blend of sunny notes and flavors in a single drink. We believe that every bottle of this beer encapsulates a fresh taste of the Caribbean summer – it’s a true taste of our tropical home.

How to taste a chocolate beer

While we love the confectionery side of the culinary world, we have to admit that we think cocoa beers are best enjoyed with a hearty, salty meal. Whether you prefer a roast dinner brimming with golden potatoes or a root vegetable pie, the chocolate beer’s malty cocoa notes will shine alongside a dish made from scratch with seasonal vegetables and carbs. satisfactory.

That said, here at Hotel Chocolat, we like to experiment with unusual flavor combinations. Why not taste our cocoa beers alongside different dishes? You might land on a stellar combination.

Can you get other chocolate booze?

In addition to beer, you’ll find that other beverages like wine and gin often list chocolate undertones on their packaging. Although it can also be independent of whether or not they contain cocoa, various spirits can be distilled with real cocoa.

We created our own Cocoa Gin, for example, which gets its subtle malty chocolate flavor from cocoa shells during distillation. Just like with our beer, we create this gin using our leftover cocoa shells. Five botanicals – macadamia, juniper, coriander, orange and grapefruit – give this gin a fragrant and invigorating finish. It offers a perfect balance to its slightly more bitter and chocolaty edge.

A part of the most decadent cocktails contain a good dose of chocolate liqueur or syrup. To give people the opportunity to use truly indulgent chocolate cream in their alcoholic creations, we created our Velvety chocolate cream. The perfect blend of our punchy signature vodka, high cocoa content chocolate and smooth, silky cream results in this rich and satisfying drink. Its delicate cocoa notes, depth of flavor and sumptuous texture earn it a place on the most exclusive drink tables.

For those who like a sweeter drink, our Salted Caramel Cocoa Vodka Liqueur will strike on the spot. Using our expertise in running two bars, one in London’s Borough Market and the other on our Saint Lucia cocoa farm, we have created the ultimate gourmet liqueur. After infusing the vodka with cocoa for a malty touch, we melt into the most sublime of salted caramels. It is an ideal liqueur to enjoy on its own or to add to a symphony of other cocktail ingredients.


Cocoa: the perfect ingredient for food and drink

It’s no secret that we can’t get enough cocoa. Of our luxury chocolate boxes to beauty products, sachets of coffee with milk, and, of course, beer. Take a look at our collections to discover this delicious ingredient in all its glory.

And whether you try a bottle of our cocoa beer or our other chocolate drinks, let us know what you think @HotelChocolat on Twitter!

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