Hot Chocolate Festival 2022, Melbourne


The Victoria Hot Chocolate Festival is back in August. And it’s just in time too. To save Melburnians from the consistently freezing weather of the month, it offers 31 flavors of hot chocolate over 31 days.

As in previous years, the festival will take place at three venues: the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie in Bellbrae and the Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie. Different flavors will be served each week, so be sure to plan your visit(s) carefully so you don’t miss the best.

Wondering what inventive flavors will tempt your taste buds? The 2022 lineup is more OTT and indulgent than ever – and just as tasty. Kicking off: the Top Gun, which comes with red, white and blue marshmallow, as well as a jam-filled donut and a dark chocolate mustache. Keeping things movie-themed, there’s also a Hocus Pocus hot chocolate.

Or, you can choose from the Salted Caramel Pretzel, Honeycomb Macadamia Kronut, Iced Vovo and Milky Way Hot Chocolates – and the Vegan Caramel Surprise, too. Do you feel drunk? Go for the tequila sunrise and espresso martini options.

Take your dog? There are also pupachinos.

All limited edition hot chocolates will be made with dark, milk, white, ruby ​​or caramel hot couverture chocolate, and served with a giant artisanal marshmallow.

Together, the chocolate shops create more than 6,000 hot chocolates a year, so newcomers can be sure they know this warmer winter well.

If exploring the festival and enjoying all the free chocolate tastings isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can also book a 45-minute tasting session at the Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsula stores. For $24, you can sample eight hot chocolates and make three of your own “hot chocolate scoops” from over 50 ingredients to take home.

The Hot Chocolate Festival runs daily from Monday August 1 through Wednesday August 31 at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie, 1200 Great Ocean Road, Bellbrae; the Yarra Valley Chocolateire, 35 Old Healesville Road, Yarra Glen; and the Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie, 45 Cook Street, Flinders.

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