Here’s where to find the best chocolate cakes in Singapore


When it comes to desserts or a decadent sweet treat, nothing compares to a simple slice of chocolate cake.

Fruity cream cakes are, of course, delicious in their own way. But it’s all or nothing for us, and the most indulgent treat of all, in our books, is a thick, chewy slice of chocolate cake. Better still if it is generously covered with ganache or fudge. decadent treatment.

The best part? Science can support our love for these chocolate slices. Eating chocolate releases neurotransmitters like endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in our brains. The combination of this quartet means that chocolates are the best mood boosters, and that’s a big reason eating it makes us so happy. Aside from the addicting taste, that is.

Bruce Bogtrotter knows what is good.

Whether you like your cakes extra dense and tender, light in chiffon, or topped with peanut butter, durian or banana for a little touch, Singapore has just about all types of chocolate cakes covered. So the next step is to find them. If you’re looking for an indulgent treat, we’ve rounded up the best on the island.

Here’s where to find the best chocolate cakes in Singapore:

Lana cakes

Lana Cakes is one for all diners looking for nostalgia. The consecrated The local has been satisfying cocoa lovers across the island since 1964, and their moist chocolate chiffon cake remains a benchmark for many establishments here. While we recommend newbies to get the Classic Chocolate Fudge Cake, we promise the FLO Fudge Lovers Only Cake – aka one-third cake and two-thirds chocolatey and melt-in-the-mouth goodness – will be just as decadent.

Terribly chocolatey

Local brand Awfully Chocolate is a household name to many, famous for chocolate treats that range from cakes and truffles to their own dark chocolate ice cream. Gluten-free friends will enjoy the flourless chocolate cake, while thousand pancakes Fans will fall in love with the Chocolate Mille Crepe, a deliciously light option consisting of 20 layers of dark chocolate pancakes and a silky dark chocolate cream. Our favorite ? The Chocolate Banana Cake, which uses only local bananas like mas de pisang Where pisang rajah that comes from small farms.

PS coffee

There are few chocolate cakes as photogenic as those at PS Cafe. Sitting in a pool of rich warm fudge sauce, Double Chocolate Blackout Cake⁠ is generously stacked with a moist, chocolatey and rich cake. dark chocolate ganache. If a hot slice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is not enough, there is also a heavy three kilogram version that will undoubtedly bring a lot of joy to any celebration. Don’t forget to go to the gym afterwards.

The dark gallery

The Dark Gallery has always been one of our go-to places for some truly hedonistic chocolate ice cream, so it’s no surprise that we rush for the joint whenever we crave a good slice of chocolate cake. . Besides the Signature Dark Chocolate Cake and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake – two very interesting options, you think – also consider the selection of chocolate ice cream cakes.


Lavo remains one of our top picks for a boozy weekend brunch, or just a mouthwatering meal with a spectacular view of the city – after all, there aren’t many places that can beat the scenery of the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. A must order here for us is their decadent peanut butter mascarpone and 20-layer chocolate cake, a towering treat that’s worth all the calories.


Like many Singaporeans, we are obsessed with durian, so what better way to combine our love of the King of Fruits than with a chocolate cake? Upcakes clearly knows the way to our hearts. Here, open up the dark and damp exterior of the MSW Durian Chocolate Cake to reveal a beautiful center of fresh golden MSW pulp. Bittersweet sky, here we are.

Bob the baker

Anything with chocolate in it is an incredibly forgiving affair, so if you’re thinking of relieving some of that calorie guilt, consider this healthier option at Bob the baker. Made with no added sugar and 55% Belgian couverture chocolate, this chewy retro-style cake is destined to be a sure hit among health-conscious diners across generations.

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