Here are some ideas to help you prepare for a storm for your loved ones

Those who watch their weight can opt for dark chocolates, which are not only healthier, but also contain complex flavor components, which make people more satisfied compared to milk chocolate.

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Valentine’s week has arrived, and lovers all over the world are celebrating it with the greatest interest and devotion. This celebration of love begins on February 7 and continues until February 14 when people express their love to their loved one.

The third day of the special week, February 9, is celebrated as Chocolate Day. Friends, couples and spouses exchange chocolates and sweets marking the day as special.

On this chocolate day, we offer you incredible recipes as well as ideas to enjoy the day with a chocolate touch.

Chocolate pizza recipe: Who doesn’t like pizza? And if you have chocolates on it, it will be all the more tempting. To try this, first take your pizza dough and bake it until lightly browned. After taking it out, generously spread the melted chocolate on it and cook for another two minutes. Then top it with chopped strawberries with nuts and icing sugar. Finally, enjoy this heavenly pizza with your loved one.

Chocolate samosa: Samosa is something you can snack on any time of the day. But rather than the traditional filling, you can add chocolate and dried fruits to it. To prepare for this, to mix together all-purpose flour, add a pinch of salt, a little water and knead the dough very soft. After that, keep the dough aside. In another saucepan, melt chocolate and add dried fruits or nuts of your choice. Then go back to the dough and make tiny rotis and cut them in half. After that, make a cone with the rotis and fill it with melted chocolate. Brown it over medium heat in a pan and serve it hot.

Mixing chocolate with other foods: If you’re not ready to ruin your diet and still want to try some new recipes; then this is the idea you should bet on. Add a pinch of powdered chocolate or chocolate chips to your breakfast porridge or even your lunch yogurt. By blending the goodness of cocoa with ingredients like sesame seeds, almonds, cashews, and berries, you can achieve the best possible combination of taste and nutrition.

Dark Chocolate: Those trying to lose weight can opt for dark chocolate. This contains at least 70% cocoa and will give you a feeling of satisfaction for the day, while speeding up your metabolism. Dark chocolates are not only healthier, but also contain complex flavor components, which makes people more satisfied compared to consuming a sugar-filled milk chocolate.

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