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Candy Nichols does her part to ensure that a visit to downtown Madison Village is an enjoyable experience.

In early August, Nichols opened Heavenly Safe Chocolates, a store located at 50 W. Main St. The company uses an on-site kitchen to produce solid dark chocolate and dark chocolate treats that are free of the top 13 allergens; gluten free; vegan; and non-GMO – meaning not created by genetic engineering.

Here are examples of free dark chocolate samples available at Heavenly Safe Chocolates in Madison Village: bottom row from left to right, dark chocolate covered raisins and dark chocolate covered orange peel pieces. Top row, left to right: dark chocolate covered blueberries and dark chocolate covered cherries. Heavenly Safe Chocolates opened in early August at 50 W. Main St. The company uses an on-site kitchen to produce solid dark chocolate and dark chocolate treats that are free of the 13 major allergens; gluten free; vegan; and non-GMO – meaning not created by genetic engineering. (Bill DeBus – The News-Herald)

“Heavenly Safe Chocolates is here to meet many needs,” Nichols said. “That’s not all for everyone. But for people living with these dietary restrictions, our products are very important to them. »

When it comes to running a chocolate-focused business, Nichols has already built a track record of success with a similar business.

For the past 17 years, Nichols has owned and operated the Confectionery with red fruits at 3098 Hubbard Road in Madison Village. Red Berry stocks over 2,000 different types of candies and candies, ranging from chocolate to saltwater taffy to Jelly Belly candies.

Nichols had the idea to open a second confectionery after learning that one of Red Berry’s suppliers, Safe Sweets, was closing.

“The owners were retiring,” she said.

Safe Sweets, which was based in the Cleveland suburb of Fairview Park, produced allergen-free dark chocolates. Nichols realized that when the company dissolved, it would remove a popular offering from Red Berry’s product line.

“I have so many customers who are dairy-free, nut-free, and have other dietary restrictions, and Safe Sweets is such good chocolate, and I’m like, ‘You can’t do that to my customers. ”

It turns out that Nichols solved the problem by buying the Safe Sweets business and renaming it Heavenly Safe Chocolates.

“Everything fell into place,” Nichols said. “My daughter-in-law, Maryann Nichols, runs the chocolate manufacturing area. She will hopefully take over everything in this store one day. She learns all the ins and outs of manufacturing.

Producing allergen-free candies in an on-site kitchen at Heavenly Safe Chocolates is a meticulous task, Nichols said.

“The manufacturing area there has to be spotless,” she said. “You can’t do it anywhere else, you can’t do anything else in there, and it has to be an allergen-free environment. We even have three different refrigerators for various items.

At this point, Heavenly Safe Chocolates sells its chocolates strictly to walk-in customers. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

However, Nichols eventually plans to create an online marketplace for its products.

“We’ll do the shipping,” she said. “We are waiting for new labels for our packaging.”

Nichols said she purchased the Safe Sweets website domain and was working on gradually converting it to the new Heavenly Safe Chocolates website.

The store has also launched a facebook pagewhich Nichols says has proven to be a great way to connect with potential customers and read feedback from people who have visited the store.

Shoppers entering the store can discover a display case filled with dark chocolates in various forms.

There are bite-sized dark chocolate pieces filled with items such as blueberries, cherries, orange peel, raisins, crispy rice, and vanilla granola.

When it comes to solid dark chocolate, it can be enjoyed on a stick in the form of pops. These lollipops are topped with dark chocolate shaped into figures such as sharks, motorcycles or butterflies.

Heavenly Safe Chocolate also sells regular dark chocolate pieces in which molds are used to create various designs.

“We have over 200 molds,” Nichols said.

Looking ahead, Nichols also foresees the possibility of selling its products to other businesses, such as grocery stores or even other specialty confectioneries.

Since Nichols opened Heavenly Safe Chocolates, she’s kept busy dividing her time between the new store and Red Berry Candy Shop. She said each business tries to promote the other store to visiting customers.

“(Heavenly Safe Chocolates) is like Red Berry’s new child,” she said. “A person has a child, it’s blood, it’s the same, but it’s individual. That’s what (Heavenly Safe Chocolates) is here too.

Nichols also said she appreciated the opportunity to open a business to improve the atmosphere of downtown Madison Village.

“This town needs a nice storefront for tourists and local kids to visit,” she said. “I have the Red Berry, which is extremely successful, I have no business there. But this town needed something on Main Street. So I decided, ‘We’re going to do that here.’ “

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