Great Chocolate Showdown finale leads to amazing creations

Season 1 of Big Chocolate Showdown finally came to an end and the finale was the most intense episode yet. It’s the end! it’s going to be stressful! It also didn’t help that instead of completing two challenges, the bakers only had one chance to impress the judges. It was as if a project made the difference between getting a high school diploma or not.

But what was the challenge? The remaining bakers, T, Casey and Renu, had to create their own personal bakery display. It was to feature a centerpiece, chocolate candies, six chocolate confections, and a dessert inspired by the first dessert they made on the show. Their designs also had to follow an overall theme of their choosing.

Oh, and they didn’t have to do it alone because three of the eliminated bakers came back to be their assistant bakers! It was a wonderful surprise. Fadi, Kathy, and Venessa showed up and teamed up with Casey, T, and Renu, respectively.

Ok, let’s talk about what they did.

Great Chocolate Showdown finale leads to amazing creations

First, T! His theme was baroque circus meets quaint French patisserie (he named his bakery Cirque du Souffle!) and he made six entremets with tropical layers, pineapple and yuzu candy I could sell my soul for, a reconstitution of his blood orange tart and an extraordinary tower of macaroon ganache ruby ​​raspberry lime.

For Casey’s latest challenge, she drew inspiration from the flavors her family loves and her art school background. She made a cookie and milk white chocolate cheesecake, caramel and carrot pie candies which were the cutest chocolates that ever existed, a strawberry chocolate mousse palette which was a work of art. art in itself and a coconut macaroon cake that would impress any Jewish bubbe. at Passover.

Last but not least, Renu! Her theme was structural elegance and she made passion fruit tarts with white chocolate mousse (I might have drooled when they were shown on screen), raspberry crunch candies , a cardamom and pistachio redemption cake and the most amazing chocolate centerpiece with profiteroles.

It would be hard to destroy such a beautiful chocolate sculpture, but I would totally do it just so I could eat it.

While the end results were amazing, it was no easy task and there were definitely some missteps and mistakes along the way. That’s what makes it so stressful to watch!

But who won?

I do not envy the judges who made this decision. How do you compare a beautiful cake to a chocolate sculpture to a macaron tower?! But they made a decision and Casey was the winner!

I can’t wait to see season 2 and since the show is already airing on Food Network Canada, I hope the wait won’t be too long before I can watch it on The CW.

What did you think of the final Big Chocolate Showdown? Did your favorite win? Let us know in the comments below!

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