Good news for fans of Lindt’s Valentine’s Day Truffles

If you’re looking for the limited edition Lindt Dark Strawberry truffles for Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck. While the chocolates were previously only available at Target, according to an Instagram Publish, this year you can also buy them at Walmart and other food retailers. The caption reads, “back for their third Valentine’s Day season, and now they’re no longer exclusive to Target!” The user enthusiastically continues, “I found these at Walmart, and they should also be available at most stores that sell Valentine’s Day candy” and adds that truffles are a “must buy” for anyone like the berries and chocolate combined, deeming the flavor “fantastic”.

Each truffle consists of a crispy dark chocolate shell which, when you bite into it, gives way to a creamy, strawberry-flavoured center. Target buyers also gave the seasonal treats high marks with reviews such as “It tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry” and “I’ve been waiting all year for these bad boys to come back in stock. They’re literally my favorite. .”

Are you hesitating about these limited edition chocolates? The only way to decide if they’re really worth giving this Valentine’s Day is to try them out for yourself.

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