Four modak recipes you can make at the last minute

Ganesh Chaturthi is here and the modaks. But if you haven’t yet prepared the little sweet balls of pure happiness, here are three quick recipes to prepare delicious and different modaks This year.

Ukdiche Modak


Rice flour 1 1/2 cups, salt a pinch, oil 1 teaspoon for greasing

For the stuffing: Shredded Fresh Coconut 1 1/2 cups, Shredded Jaggery 1 cup, Poppy Seeds (khuskhous/posto) roasted 1 tablespoon, green cardamom powder a pinch, nutmeg powder a pinch


Heat a cup and a quarter of water with salt and a teaspoon of oil in a deep nonstick skillet. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and add the rice flour in an even stream, stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Cover the pan with a deep lid and pour some water into the lid. Cook over low heat for three minutes. Remove the lid, sprinkle cold water over the rice flour and cover again with the lid, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and add the rice flour in an even stream, stirring continuously. Cook for another three minutes. Repeat this process twice. Remove the pan from the heat and leave it covered for two minutes. Transfer the mixture to a large plate, grease the palms of your hands with oil and knead the dough until completely smooth and malleable. The dough should not stick to your palms. Rest the dough covered with a damp cloth. For the stuffing, combine the coconut and jaggery in a nonstick skillet and cook over medium heat for a minute or two until lightly browned. Make sure not to overcook the mixture. Add the toasted poppy seeds, cardamom powder and nutmeg powder. Divide the dough into twelve equal portions and shape them into balls. Grease the palms of your hands and spread each ball out to form a three inch bowl. Press the edges of the bowls to reduce the thickness. Place some of the stuffing in the center, pleat the edges of the dough and bring them together to form a packet. Pinch to seal the edges at the top. Heat enough water in a steamer. Place the modak on a perforated plate in the steamer and steam for ten to twelve minutes. Serve hot modak with ghee.

Chocolate modak


2 cups ricotta cheese, 1 cup sweetened condensed milk, 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder.


Heat a heavy saucepan over medium heat and add the ricotta cheese. Mix and cook for five to eight minutes. Once the ricotta cheese begins to thicken, add condensed milk to it. Mix and cook for five minutes. Turn off the fire. Add cocoa powder and chocolate chips, mix well. Wait for the mixture to cool completely. Once the chocolate mixture is cool to the touch, take the modak mold and stuff with the chocolate mixture to give it a modak form. Chocolate modak is ready!

Kesar Mawa Modak


Mawa/whole milk powder – 1 cup, sugar – 1/2 cup, green cardamom – 2 (powdered), Kesar/saffron – a few sprigs, Milk – 2 tbsp


Mash potatoes mom and keep it ready. Remove the seeds from the cardamom pods and crush them well. Grease a square plate with a little ghee and keep it ready. Add a few sprigs of saffron to hot milk and set aside for 20 minutes. To add mom, sugar and saffron milk in a non-stick pan and mix well. Heat the skillet and cook over medium heat. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes thick. Do not wait until it is completely dry to mix because it will become hard. Remove from the heat, add the cardamom powder and mix well. Spread the mixture on the greased baking sheet. When it cools, take a portion in your hand and give it a modak shape using a mould. You can also just cut it into equal squares if you don’t have modak mold available.

Kaju Modak


2 cups mava1 cup cashew powder, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, cardamom powder, yellow food coloring


Take mava, sugar and cashew powder in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Lower the heat to medium heat. Stir and mix well. Add food coloring. While it is heating, add the cardamom powder. Now roast it well until all the moisture evaporates. It takes about five minutes. Remove from pan and allow to cool to handle. Check mava and make sure there are no lumps. Take a small ball of mava and put it in the mold. Using your finger, wrap it. Press it down and carefully open the mold and remove it. Modaks are ready to serve.

Recipes by Maharaj Bhawar Singh, Corporate Chef — Khandani Rajdhani

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